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Small businesses are the heroes of job creation and the core of a community’s economic vitality. But on average, they pay about 18% more for the same health insurance. And here in Illinois, small business owners have struggled for years with unpredictable and unreasonable premium increases.

Now, close to 200,000 small Illinois businesses may be eligible under the Affordable Care Act for tax credits to help them provide employer-sponsored coverage. And a new marketplace – the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP – offers group plans geared to the needs of small business owners and non-profits.

Materials from the Small Business Health Collaborative will help you get the information about these changes that you need to make smart choices for your company and your employees.


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 Q:   Can people with SHOP coverage delay Medicare Part B enrollment without the penalty?

 A:   Yes. A person with SHOP coverage is the viewed the same as a person with an employer group health plan. The same enrollment rules apply. People must enroll in Medicare Part B within 8 months of retirement or their SHOP coverage ending, whatever comes first. This question and answer from addresses concerns Medicare beneficiaries may have about the marketplace.

 Q:   What if my employees do not want to enroll in the SHOP plan I offer?

 A:   If less than 70% of your full-time employees do not enroll in the plan, your small business will not qualify for the SHOP. To calculate your employee percentage, divide the number choosing to enroll by the number of eligible employees. The pool of eligible employees should not include individuals who have coverage through another job, another person’s job, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Veteran’s Administration healthcare, or the Indian Health Service. The pool of eligible employees should include those who have private coverage, including plans purchased through the health insurance marketplace. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has a helpful fact sheet addressing questions on this issue.

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Getting Ready for Tax Day

This January 2016 blog post from the CEO lays out what consumers should expect in the second tax-filing season under the ACA. The post details processes for consumers with Marketplace insurance; consumers with Medicaid, Medicare or employer-sponsored insurance; and for those without coverage.

It’s Almost Tax Time!

This January 2016 news article from CBS News describes the three tax forms, the 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C that will be used by the IRS to collect information on health insurance coverage.

Young, Invincible…and Insured!

This November 2015 article from Kaiser Health News reviews five things that the uninsured ages 18-31 should consider when getting health coverage in Open Enrollment number three. The article addresses common reasons that a young adult would not buy health insurance.

5 Pointers for Marketplace Shoppers

This October 2015 explainer from the Commonwealth Fund shares tips for consumers to consider when exploring their health coverage options during Open Enrollment number three.

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