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More than 1.5 million people in Illinois who were uninsured in 2013 are now are guaranteed access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage. Consumers now need to understand how to navigate the healthcare system and the new health insurance marketplace in order to access coverage, and make use of the healthcare protections and benefits now available.


 Q:   If I overestimate my income, will I have to pay back the cost-sharing reductions I received?

 A:   No. During tax time, marketplace consumers who received cost-sharing reductions will not determine if their reported income disqualified them for this assistance. Consumers will only reconcile their projected income with their reported income for premium tax credits. The Center on Policy and Budget Priorities has more information on cost-sharing reductions.

 Q:   What if I did not receive a form 1095-A or the information is incorrect?

 A:   Consumers who do not obtain the form 1095-A should contact their marketplace. Consumers should also contact their marketplace if the information included in the form is incorrect. This tip sheet from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and this newspaper article from the Chicago Tribune explain more on the form 1095-A.

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Income Rules for Medicaid and the Marketplace

This October 2014 question and answer from the Center on Policy and Budget Priorities discusses the new income measure called MAGI. The measure determines eligibility for marketplace tax credits and Medicaid.

Retiree Coverage Choices

This flowchart from In The Loop illustrates the insurance options for employees who retire before they are eligible for Medicare.

Enrolling Families with Immigrants

This January 2015 webinar for assisters reviews the legal protections for immigrants and outlines the unique steps to apply for coverage.

Responding to Medicaid Redeterminations

Illinois residents who receive Medicaid or All-Kids must complete a redetermination to continue their coverage. This June 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services outlines the redetermination process. The FAQ lists the hotline number to call with questions or problems.

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