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It is now 2014, and more than 1.5 million people in Illinois who were uninsured last year now have access to health insurance under the new health care reform law. Individuals and families – including people with special health care needs and pre-existing conditions, low-income childless adults, seniors, young adults and self-employed individuals – are guaranteed access to affordable, quality coverage.

Individuals can find out about new coverage options through private coverage or Medicaid at the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace, Get Covered Illinois. The marketplace is a place to easily compare health plan options, determine eligibility for tax credits and cost sharing reductions (based on a sliding fee according to income) and enroll in health insurance.

Additionally, for more than three years now, all Illinois residents have been covered by a “Patient’s Bill of Rights,” which put an end to some of the most extreme insurance abuses and put consumers more in control of their health care.

Have a question about how the law works, or the options available to you? Want to see how the Affordable Care Act is affecting others in your situation or find a reputable resource for more information in your area, or your language? Illinois Health Matters is here to help.

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Q What happens at tax time for consumers who have a reduction in income and are also receiving financial assistance from the Marketplace?

 If someone were receiving a tax credit and later would have been eligible for Medicaid rather than a private plan based on actual income, s/he doesn't have to pay the IRS back for the tax credit.  HHS created this policy to protect low-income consumers.  In fact, the final tax credit will be calculated based on the individual's actual income, not the earlier estimate. So that person may actually get a larger refund at the end of the year due to the higher tax credit (and lower actual income). Projected incomes should be as accurate as possible and if something changes during the year, it should be reported to make sure the consumer is receiving the correct amount and enrolled in an appropriate health insurance plan. To learn more about when to report changes to the marketplace click here.  

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Do you have questions about issues like how health care reform impacts people with disabilities or children with pre-existing conditions? Learn from the experiences of others—or, submit your question here.

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Individual & Family Resources

Immunization and the ACA

Preventive care can improve health outcomes. This fact sheet from the Department of Health and Human Services details expanding coverage of immunization and  immunization recommendations for adults and children.

ACA Wellness Program Incentives at Work

The ACA offers incentives to employers in order to create healthier work spaces. This fact sheet from the Department of Labor gives information on what both employers and consumers can do to promote wellness at work.

What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Have you been wondering what a Medicare Advantage Plan is? This info packet from The Center for Medicare & Medicaid offers information on what a Medicare Advantage Plan is and information on coverage, eligibility, and benefits.

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