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More than 1.5 million people in Illinois who were uninsured in 2013 are now are guaranteed access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage. This includes people with special healthcare needs and pre-existing conditions, low-income childless adults, seniors, young adults and self-employed individuals. As of 2010, all Illinois residents are protected by a “Patient’s Bill of Rights,” which puts an end to some of the most extreme health insurance abuses and put consumers in greater control of their health care.

Consumers now need to understand how to navigate the healthcare system and the new health insurance marketplace in order to access coverage, and make use of the healthcare protections and benefits now available. We provide the information necessary to make that connection.

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 Q:   Why am I receiving letters saying I have to choose a plan and a primary care physician?

 A:     Illinois state law requires that 50% of Medicaid beneficiaries are enrolled into coordinated care by 2015. This means that a managed care organization (health insurance company) or provider group will be coordinating your physical and behavioral healthcare. A primary care physician will refer you to appropriate services and will typically be the first person you go to for healthcare. If you plan to enroll and have received letters in the mail you should go to or call the client enrollment broker at 1-877-912-8880 to pick a plan. If you want to learn more about coordinated care in Illinois please visit our Medicaid Care Coordination section.

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Do you have questions about issues like how health care reform impacts people with disabilities or children with pre-existing conditions? Learn from the experiences of others—or, submit your question here.

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Oral Health and Special Needs

This tip sheet compiles key information on oral health for children with special needs from The Arc of Illinois, Family Voices of Illinois,  and Family to Family Health Information Center. The resource highlights the importance of oral health care for children with special needs and points out why good oral health care may be more difficult to obtain for this population (including factors such as medications that may affect the child’s teeth or behaviors that may make visits to the dentist more challenging). It also lists further resources where parents can learn more about their dental plans or can find separate dental plans to meet their child’s needs, while also listing dental resources for families who are uninsured.

Applying for Medicaid in Illinois – FAQ

This set of answers from HFS to frequently asked questions is especially helpful for anyone who works directly with Medicaid consumers/applicants. Included are details such as how to change some information on an application or submit verification documents, find a Medicaid provider, and how applicants should not fill out a new application in ABE for a newborn.

Taxi Driver Affordable Coverage Options

This fact sheet from the Enroll Chicago Small Business Initiative can help answer any questions taxi drivers might have about enrolling in quality health coverage through the new Illinois health insurance marketplace, Get Covered Illinois, and help them choose a plan that best fits their needs and those of their families.

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