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Longer days and more legislation

early spring

These days, each day seems to bring new state and federal developments that add to our list of challenges. This month we focus on bills before the State legislature and federal guidances that force us into more screen time and less Springtime.

The Do No Harm Healthcare Act (HB 4165) would prohibit the State from applying for any federal waiver that would reduce or eliminate any protection or coverage in effect on January 1, 2017 that was required under the ACA. It’s one of several bills we’re following. Read more in our March newsletter.

The ACA is still here

You can enroll mid-year if you had a qualifying life event. Get free, local, in-person help:
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Data Matters

Medicaid Expansion

The vast majority of the newly enrolled, some 623,000 people, gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion. Map

ACA Marketplace

We’ve mapped the zip codes that had at least 50 ACA signups as of February 2016. Maps: Metro areaState

Demographics of the Uninsured

Detailed characteristics of Illinois’ uninsured by age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, employment, and other factors. Charts

Mental Health Services

An independent analysis detailing how Chicago’ inadequate public mental health services require major reform, and laying out a roadmap to achieve it. Report


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