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We did it!

In July, Gov. Rauner vetoed legislation that would safeguard Illinois residents from the Trump Administration’s recent expansion of the reach and scope of short-term health plans, which are essentially a form of junk insurance. The bill’s provisions were now incorporated in SB 1737, which successfully passed both houses during Illinois’ veto session in November. The Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Coverage Act takes effect January 1.

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Data Matters

Medicaid Expansion

The vast majority of the newly enrolled, some 623,000 people, gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion. Map

ACA Marketplace

We’ve mapped the zip codes that had at least 50 ACA signups as of February 2016. Maps: Metro areaState

Demographics of the Uninsured

Detailed characteristics of Illinois’ uninsured by age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, employment, and other factors. Charts

Mental Health Services

An independent analysis detailing how Chicago’ inadequate public mental health services require major reform, and laying out a roadmap to achieve it. Report


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