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Illinois Health Matters has served as a thought leader to advocate for improvements to the state’s health care system. We provide detailed information on policy and mechanics of new programs, and what health reform and healthcare access mean for the people of Illinois. As we continue to work for access to care and healthcare security for all. See the our latest here

The ACA is still the law of the land

Despite the unfortunate ruling in Texas, the government is continuing to operate the ACA. Open enrollment has ended, but you can still enroll if you have had a life change. Get free, local, in-person help:
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Data Matters

Medicaid Expansion

The vast majority of the newly enrolled, some 623,000 people, gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion. Map

ACA Marketplace

We’ve mapped the zip codes that had at least 50 ACA signups as of February 2016. Maps: Metro areaState

Demographics of the Uninsured

Detailed characteristics of Illinois’ uninsured by age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, employment, and other factors. Charts

Mental Health Services

An independent analysis detailing how Chicago’ inadequate public mental health services require major reform, and laying out a roadmap to achieve it. Report


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