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  • If you’re not auto-enrolled You need to pick a plan on the Marketplace Here’s what to do
  • If you want to change plans You can, whether you are auto-enrolled or not See how
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  • If you’re uninsured now This is your time to change that Get covered
  • If you need help enrolling, comparing plans, or understanding your options Get help

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Obamacare in 165 Seconds

Reforming the U.S. healthcare system is a big undertaking, and much is written and said about it. You can learn a great deal by browsing the topics on Illinois Health Matters. But this brief little video, done in the style of “Blues Clues,” accurately explains the key issues.

Citizen Primer” was developed at Northwestern University to counter common misconceptions about national issues. You can help them and IHM counter more misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act by staying informed.

Myths & Facts

MYTH: “ACA plans are not affordable”

FACT: The ACA makes health insurance more affordable by providing financial assistance based on income. Four out of five people who bought a plan on the marketplace received financial assistance, in the form of tax credits and cost sharing subsidies. The law also protects consumers from high costs by placing caps on consumer out-of-pocket spending. (more…)

MYTH: “Because of the ACA I’m going to lose Medicare benefits”

FACT: Medicare benefits will not be altered or cut due to the ACA. No Medicare money is being transferred to the ACA. The projections of reduced Medicare spending are based on cost-saving reforms in Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals. No cuts are being made to benefits. In fact, the ACA adds new benefits for seniors, including an annual wellness visit; and it will gradually eliminate the gap in coverage for prescription drugs. (more…)

MYTH: “People are losing good insurance plans because of the ACA”

FACT: The Affordable Care Act outlawed plans that did not provide a minimum level of coverage. Such plans seemed like a bargain because of the low monthly premiums, but if the patient had a serious illness or injury, the plan would only pay a tiny fraction of the cost, leaving them at risk for bankruptcy. Medical bills account for more than half of all U.S. bankruptcies. (more…)

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