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Wellness on the Westside

Wellness on the Westside
Organizations with strong community ties, such as Lawndale Christian Health Center in Chicago’s West Side, will be better able to serve their patients under the Affordable Care Act. Already emphasizing preventive care and a coordinated approach to patient management, including long-term monitoring of chronic problems such as heart disease and diabetes, LCHC and its community stand to benefit from ACA provisions that provide patients with free preventive care, expanded insurance options and federal investments in community health centers in underserved areas. The Lawndale community has one of the highest uninsurance rates in Illinois; under the ACA, organizations like LCHC will continue to serve as a primary care medical home for thousands of patients in this Chicago neighborhood, and will hopefully see more patients, because they will be able to afford insurance for the first time.

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Photography and story by Jay Dunn,

Jay Dunn is a National Geographic award-winning photojournalist, specializing in inspired coverage of humanitarian issues and cultural tradition worldwide. With an emphasis on stories that dignify the human struggle, he works closely with NGOs and social service groups to document on-the-ground conditions in education, poverty relief, crisis management and cultures in transition.

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