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Waiting for Reform
Uninsured until the birth of his child six months ago, Henry Edwards, life-long Garfield Park resident, negotiated both the symptoms of chronic asthma and the high cost of purchasing medicine to treat it. Parenthood qualified him for Family Care, an Illinois public aid program. After 2014, the Affordable Care Act will strengthen his family’s tenuous hold on health care, by formally prohibiting the exclusion of pre-existing conditions, and by providing subsidies for purchasing private insurance in a competitive marketplace.

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Photography and video by Jay Dunn,

Jay Dunn is a National Geographic award-winning photojournalist, specializing in inspired coverage of humanitarian issues and cultural tradition worldwide. With an emphasis on stories that dignify the human struggle, he works closely with NGOs and social service groups to document on-the-ground conditions in education, poverty relief, crisis management and cultures in transition.

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Illinois Health Matters presented accessible, personal stories about how health care reform is impacting underserved communities on the South and West sides of Chicago. These stories were part of the Local Reporting Initiative, supported in part by The Chicago Community Trust.