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Topic: Young Adults

People age 19-26 have the highest uninsured rate of any age group and the lowest access to employer-based insurance. Covering young adults is important to health reform, as insurance depends up on people at less risk being in the risk pool to balance those with greater health needs, and also because an unexpected illness or injury can be catastrophic to a person without insurance.

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Young, Invincible…and Insured!

This November 2015 article from Kaiser Health News reviews five things that the uninsured ages 18-31 should consider when getting health coverage in Open Enrollment number three. The article addresses common reasons that a young adult would not buy health insurance.

Milestones Bring New Health Coverage Choices

This chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities focuses on life events that trigger a special enrollment period for the Marketplace, who qualifies and the effective date of coverage once a health plan is selected. The resource has been updated for the 2016 enrollment period.

Get Covered, No Excuses

This October 2015 fact sheet from Health & Disability Advocates lists the health insurance options for young adults 30 years-old and under.

Put Insurance on Your Back to School Shopping List

This blog post from explains the health insurance options for college students.

The Face of the Newly Insured

This March 2015 issue brief from the Department of Health & Human Services details the 16.4 million people who gained health insurance coverage by race and ethnicity, household income and age. The brief compares the uninsured rate between states that expanded Medicaid and those opting out.  

ACA’s Consequences for People with Disabilities

This February 2015 issue brief from Health & Disability Advocates explains how people with disabilities can experience gaps in coverage because of new application and eligibility requirements.

Linking Justice-Involved Youth with Healthcare

This January 2014 resource guide from Illinois state government describes strategies for connecting young adults in the criminal justice system with health insurance coverage.

Not Invincible – But Perhaps Convincible

These findings from Deloitte’s April 2014 survey contradict the stereotype young adults (age 19-34) as healthy, risk-taking young “invincibles.” Among those who didn’t sign up for coverage, few said it was because they don’t expect to need insurance. Those who did get insurance said the most important reasons were to pay medical bills, to secure peace of mind, and to avoid paying the federal penalty.

Young Adult Participation in Health Insurance Marketplace

The Commonwealth Fund examines the importance of young adult utilization of the ACA marketplace in this February 2014 brief, and finds health status to be more important than age.

Health Insurance Options When You’re Out of School

(March 2012) Young Invincibles and FamiliesUSA’s health care tool kit on the available insurance options for young adults once they have left school.

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