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Topic: Women

The ACA guarantees women’s access to preventive services, and prohibits female gender from being treated as a pre-existing condition. Women make 80% of healthcare decisions for their families and are likely to be the caregivers for family members.

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What’s in Reform for Women-Owned Small Businesses?

An October 2011 resource from the Small Business Majority that gives a breakdown of the ACA provisions that make it easier for women-owned small businesses to provide health insurance.

Presidential Candidates on Women’s Health Coverage and Reproductive Health Care

This October 2012 issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation was meant to provide a factual summary of these issue for those following them in the 2012 presidential election.

Cost-Sharing for Medicaid, All Kids and Illinois Healthy Women

Passage of the “SMART Act” (Public Act 097-0689, the “Save Medicaid Access and Resources Together” Act) brought about changes to participant cost-sharing for Medicaid, All Kids and Illinois Healthy Women. This August 2012 information notice from HFS details the changes in co-pays and co-pay collection for participating providers.

Women’s Preventive Health Services and Your Insurer

This fact sheet from National Women’s Law Center focuses on the new provisions requiring insurance plans to cover certain women’s preventive health services without cost-sharing. It includes a very useful flow chart for women seeking help in approaching and contacting their insurance company to ensure they are asking the right questions to receive the coverage they are now entitled to.

Contraceptive Coverage in the Health Care Law

This fact sheet from the National Women’s Law Center answers questions regarding the new provisions in the health care law requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives with no co-pay. The provision goes into effect August 1, 2012.

Contraceptive Coverage and Religiously-Affiliated Employers

This March 2012 fact sheet from the National Women’s Law Center describes the narrow class of religious employers that are exempt from the contraceptive coverage requirement and answers questions about the specifics of this accommodation.

Women’s Benefits Under the ACA: A Timeline

This concise timeline from Planned Parenthood shows when various benefits for women mandated by the Affordable Care Act go into effect, from 2010 to 2014.

Roadmap of the Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Illinois’ Children and Families

A June 2011 document intended for use by Illinois policy analysts and makers, as well as advocates concerned with the effects and implementation of national health care reform for the population of minor children and their families. The ACA serves as the foundation for this roadmap. (more…)

Reform and Women: Tax Credits for Small Business

This September 2010 fact sheet in the “Reform Matters” series from the National Women’s Law Center notes that women-owned businesses are generally smaller than male-owned ones, and small businesses that don’t offer employee health coverage tend to have larger proportions of female workers.

New Guidelines Mean More Preventive Services for Women

This blog post, entitled “New Guidelines Mean Women with Insurance Will Get More Preventive Services Free,” appeared in August 2011 at the Commonwealth Fund. It lists and discusses the new required services for women, to be covered by all non-grandfathered health plans.

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