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Topic: Women

The ACA guarantees women’s access to preventive services, and prohibits female gender from being treated as a pre-existing condition. Women make 80% of healthcare decisions for their families and are likely to be the caregivers for family members.

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ACEs, Bs and CCEs

This December 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Human Services details general enrollment and access to care procedures for consumers and providers in Medicaid managed care.

My Health, My Voice

This November 2015 guide from Raising Women’s Voices is for newly insured women who have questions about how to use their health coverage.

A Safety Plan That Includes Health Insurance

This October 2015 tip sheet from In the Loop explains how survivors of domestic violence can purchase a Marketplace plan and qualify for financial assistance after leaving their abuser.

Free Preventive Services!

This September 2015 interactive grid from the Kaiser Family Foundation highlights the preventative services that health plans are required to cover without any cost sharing.

Contraceptive Coverage Guarantee Works

This September 2014 study from the Guttmacher Institute found that the proportion of privately insured women who did not pay out of pocket for oral contraceptive rose from 15% in the fall of 2012, before the requirement took effect, to 67%, in the spring of 2014. The proportions also increased markedly for other types of contraception.

Preventive Services for Women

This infographic highlights the missed opportunities for preventive counseling on risk factors and reveals that a large proportion of women are unaware that the ACA requires private plans to cover many preventive services without cost sharing. It also shows how lack of insurance impacts rates of mammograms and other screening tests for women and how costs are a barrier that cause some women to postpone services or skip a recommended test or treatment. (more…)

Women’s Health Coverage: Early Experiences with the ACA

This Kaiser Family Foundation survey details findings that include information about delaying care due to cost, recent check-ups, education about preventive services available without coinsurance or copayment, and use of contraception.

What OB/Gyns Need to Know About the ACA

This March 2014 article in Contemporary OB/GYN discusses benefits to patients and doctors, individual and employer mandates, plan costs, and payment restructures for providers.

Pediatricians on Breast Pump Coverage

This letter from the Illinois Academy of Pediatrics to an to an insurer encourages them to play a role in promoting this prevent service. (more…)

Federal Support for Breastfeeding

This document from the American Thoracic Society lists federal breastfeeding benefits under the ACA and offers guidance on common access questions. It discusses requirements for businesses, coverage of breastfeeding supplies and support, preventive services, and the National Breastfeeding Helpline, and includes a flow chart on how to get obtain coverage for breastfeeding equipment.

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