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Topic: Uninsured

Health reform targets people who do not have insurance. In 2013, there were about 1.8 million people in Illinois without health insurance.

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A Five-Part Strategy for Reaching the Eligible Uninsured

This May 2011 report from Urban Institute offers advice to federal policymakers working to promote enrollment in health insurance programs created or expanded by the Affordable Care Act. “Implementing National Health Reform: A Five-Part Strategy for Reaching the Eligible Uninsured,” suggests ways to maximize the uninsured into subsidized coverage utilizing a combination of technology and collaboration.

The Impact of the ACA on Coverage and State Health Care Expenditures in Illinois

This April 2011 analysis from RAND COMPARE estimates that, in 2016 (the year that all of the provisions in the ACA related to coverage expansion will be fully implemented), the uninsured rate in Illinois will fall to 3%; without the law, it would remain near 15%.

Help on the Horizon: Will Bring Relief Millions Hurt by the Recession

Findings from The Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey of 2010 demonstrate that the passage of the Affordable Care Act was critical to the future health and well-being of working families. Publishe in March 2011.

How Will the ACA Impact the Chronically Homeless?

The chronically homeless suffer from serious mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and physically disabling conditions. They are typically uninsured. This April 2012 presentation from IHM explored how the Affordable Care Act benefit them and other vulnerable low-income populations, and what are the limits of the ACA? (more…)

Overview of the Uninsured in the United States, 2011

A summary of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data on health insurance coverage and the uninsured for 2010, released in September 2011. (more…)

Opinion Leaders’ Views on Vulnerable Populations in the U.S. Health System

This August 2011 survey of health care opinion leaders by the Commonwealth Fund and Modern Healthcare found that virtually all believe traditional safety-net institutions will still fulfill critical roles after ACA implementation. Most believe the new law will effectively improve access and financial protection for vulnerable populations, and support policies that would guarantee access to care for undocumented immigrants.

Ensuring Access to Medicaid Under Health Reform

This May 2011 paper summarizes key issues from a roundtable discussion of federal and state officials and experts in December 2010. Participants discussed access gaps in access to care in Medicaid, approaches to increase provider participation in Medicaid, and greater support for safety-net providers. (more…)

A Grant for Local Reporting on the West & South Sides

The April 2011 announcement by The Chicago Community Trust of 31 Local Reporting Awards through its Community News Matters program totaling $110,000 for reporting on a variety of important issues affecting Chicago’s low-income areas, from the plight of black men in a recession to the impact of federal health care reform on West and South Side residents.

This May 2012 report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urban Institute presents the demographic characteristics of nonelderly veterans and their family members by insurance status as well as the number of uninsured veterans by state. (more…)

Immigrants and the ACA: A Primer

A brief description by IHM of how immigrants, non-immigrants and undocumented immigrants are affected by the ACA.

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