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Topic: Uninsured

Health reform targets people who do not have insurance. In 2013, there were about 1.8 million people in Illinois without health insurance.

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Illinois Charity Care Laws for Urban Hospitals

It’s the law: If you are an uninsured patient, you have the right to apply for free or discounted services – and hospitals are required to provide you with a hospital financial assistance application. This fact sheet from ONE Northside provides the details on who is eligible and how to apply.

A Profile of Chicago’s Uninsured – 2013

“ENROLL CHICAGO! A profile of the city’s uninsured residents” was produced in July 2013 by the Chicago Department of Public Health and Health & Disability Advocates. It provided the the most recent data on who and where Chicago’s uninsured residents are to help community organizations target outreach, education and enrollment activities. (more…)

Uninsured Asians in Illinois: Moving From Eligible to Enrolled

This August 2013 issue brief from the Asian Health Coalition and Health & Disability Advocates predicted that 75,000 currently uninsured Asians in Illinois would be eligible for coverage in 2014 through the Medicaid expansion and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Illinois Uninsured by County

This July 2013 analysis of the uninsured in Illinois by county was performed by HMA/MCIC for the Illinois Marketplace based on 2009 American Community Survey data. It estimates the number of nonelderly residents eligible eiher for Medicaid or for a Marketplace subsidy.

Public Not Paying Much Attention To State Decisions

The March 2013 tracking poll is one in a series designed and analyzed by the Kaiser Family Foundation’s public opinion research team. The March poll finds that two-thirds of the uninsured and a majority of Americans overall say they have too little information to know how the Affordable Care Act will affect them, and that Americans’ awareness of key elements of the law has declined somewhat since passage when media attention was at its height.

Illinois Medicaid Expansion – SB26/HB106

This is the January 2013 summary of SB26/HB106 by sponsors Rep. Sara Feigenholtz and Sen. Heather Steans of the legislation authorizing the state to fund provide healthcare under Medicaid to about 342,000 low-income uninsured Illinois citizens. (more…)

Residents Eligible for Marketplace Subsidies by Illinois House District

Tabulation of the number of residents who will be eligible for subsidies in the Health Insurance Marketplace, and the subsidy eligible as a proportion of the total uninsured population in the district.

Residents Newly Eligible for Medicaid by Illinois Senate District

//PRIVATE// Tabulation by state senated district of the number of residents who will be eligible for Medicaid, and the newly eligible as a proportion of the total uninsured population in the district. Estimates were derived from the 2010-11 American Community Survey and 98th General Assembly.

Disparities in Health Care Persist

This infographic shows the cost of disparity, addresses myths and explains equity in healthcare. It is part of a collection of online tools released in November 2012 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as the Reform in Action resource package.

Landscape of the Uninsured & Underinsured in Illinois

This October 2012 presentation by Health & Disability Advocates focused on where those lacking adequate coverage live and the new pathways to coverage that would be available to them in 2014.

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