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Topic: Uninsured

Health reform targets people who do not have insurance. In 2013, there were about 1.8 million people in Illinois without health insurance.

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Different Tax Docs

State refor(u)m updated this chart in February 2015 to outline the new forms tax-filers must fill out because of the ACA. The chart identifies the purpose of the forms and who are required to complete them.

Presumptive Eligibility in Your Hospital

The Affordable Care Act allows some hospitals to enroll uninsured patients meeting basic eligibility criteria into Medicaid. Hospitals learn the steps to implement presumptive eligibility in this 2013 tool kit from Enroll America.

Discussing Insurance with Patients

Medical providers learn talking points for conversations with uninsured patients about coverage options in this February 2015 fact sheet from Enroll America.

Calculate Your ACA Tax Penalty

The Tax Policy Center created a tool that estimates a person’s fine for not having health insurance during 2014.

Getting a Health Insurance Exemption

This March 2014 Issue brief from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services identifies populations who may be exempt from purchasing health insurance. The brief lays out the exemption process- including documentation needed- for each group.

Tax-Filing Recs Post ACA

This December 2014 tip sheet from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services educates marketplace plan consumers on what changes they should expect during tax-filing season. CMS advises people who had coverage through the marketplace, those who received tax credits, and people without health insurance.

Paying Taxes Without Insurance

A January 2015 issue brief from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services outlines what uninsured tax payers should expect during the upcoming tax season. The brief identifies exempt populations and where to get tax help.

Explaining the Marketplace to Your Patients

This 2014 continuing education webinar for providers explains the eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures for the health insurance marketplace. Providers who serve high numbers of uninsured can apply this information to conversations with their patients.

Improving Enrollment in Lake County

In a November 2014 report, Health & Disability Advocates and the Lake County Health Department review the outreach efforts of the Enroll Lake County! Initiative. The report analyzes the demographic characteristics of Lake County’s uninsured population before the 2014 enrollment period, details the number of individuals who signed up for a health plan, and provides recommendations for targeting groups who remain uninsured. The report and its recommendations can guide outreach and enrollment activities during the 2015 enrollment period and beyond.

Illinois Immigrant Health Resources

This page of resources at the ICIRR, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, includes pamphlets on immigrant health access options, a handout for undocumented on their health options, and other information on how to help immigrants and refugees obtain health care. They are presented as part of the Immigrant Family Resource Program.

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