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Topic: Special Populations

Special populations such as immigrants, the uninsured, the unbanked, and people with low English skills require special outreach efforts to connect them with the benefits the ACA is intended to provide. Some groups, such as refugees and Pacific Islanders, have special provisions for them in the law. And certain demographic groups, such as the young people and healthy people, are important to the the program’s success. The ACA also particularly impacts the LGBTQ community, populations affected by chronic disease, and people impacted by circumstances like domestic violence.

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The ACA and Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

A March 2013 presentation to the Suburban Cook County Intimate Partner Violence Healthcare Coalition, “The Affordable Care Act: What it is and How It will Help the People You Serve.”

5 Facts about Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare

This 2012 issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives capsule summaries of inequality in access, equitable care, disease and mortality, and care for special conditions.

Disparities in Health Care Persist

This infographic shows the cost of disparity, addresses myths and explains equity in healthcare. It is part of a collection of online tools released in November 2012 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as the Reform in Action resource package.

The Homeless: Key Lessons for Medicaid Expansion

This September 2012 issue paper from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured explores issues surrounding Medicaid coverage and care for the homeless population to identify enrollment and access barriers, strategies to overcome these barriers, and considerations for the upcoming expansion.

The ACA and Midwest AAPI Communities

This presentation by the Asian Health Coalition at the September 2012 “Aspiration: Advancing Justice” conference” speaks to the effect of Affordable Care Act implementation on Midwest communities of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Domestic Violence Screening and Counseling Under the ACA

This tool kit is intended to help health care providers understand the new federal rules regarding interpersonal and domestic violence. It focuses on working with women and adolescents who have a lifetime exposure to violence and abuse, and lists already existing resources for identifying and effectively responding to abuse. (more…)

How Will the ACA Impact the Chronically Homeless?

The chronically homeless suffer from serious mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and physically disabling conditions. They are typically uninsured. This April 2012 presentation from IHM explored how the Affordable Care Act benefit them and other vulnerable low-income populations, and what are the limits of the ACA? (more…)

Health Care Reform for Refugees

This fact sheet from the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement explains the special benefits and protections in the Affordable Care Act for refugees and their eligibility to enjoy various general protections.

A Grant for Local Reporting on the West & South Sides

The April 2011 announcement by The Chicago Community Trust of 31 Local Reporting Awards through its Community News Matters program totaling $110,000 for reporting on a variety of important issues affecting Chicago’s low-income areas, from the plight of black men in a recession to the impact of federal health care reform on West and South Side residents.

Health Insurance Exchanges That Work for Rural

A March 2011 publication from the Center for Rural Affairs that examines some of the important rural issues and considerations in health insurance exchanges.

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