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Topic: Small Business

The ACA defines a small business as one with fewer than 50 FTE employees. Small employers, although they are the prime drivers of job creation and economic growth, have faced barriers to providing health insurance for their workers. They can now buy insurance on the SHOP, and may qualify for tax credits to help them provide employee coverage.

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Illinois Main Street Alliance

Illinois Main Street Alliance is a coalition of over 450 small business members from across the state. Its mission is to promote social justice while providing small businesses a voice in the political arena and fostering the development of progressive, socially responsible business leaders.

Healthcare Reform Will Help Illinois Small Businesses

This 2009 fact sheet from the Small Business Majority noted that small businesses are burdened by high premiums, especially in Illinois with its high degree of market consolidation; it concluded that reform will make healthcare more affordable for the state’s small businesses.

Small Business Majority’s Healthcare Research

The Small Business Majority uses scientific and opinion research to provide small business owners, advocates, policymakers and others with the information and tools they need to navigate complex healthcare-related issues.

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