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Topic: Safety Net Hospitals

A general term for the hospitals and health centers that provide a substantial share of their care to low-income, uninsured, and vulnerable populations. These facilities have long served as a “safety net” for those with no other access to care, and they remain so for undocumented non-citizens and others who still lack health insurance.

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5 Facts about Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare

This 2012 issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives capsule summaries of inequality in access, equitable care, disease and mortality, and care for special conditions.

Immigrants and Coverage in the Affordable Care Act

This August 2012 presentation by Lynn A. Blewett gives an overview of citizen/immigrant definitions and estimates of foreign-born by type of immigration status. It discusses the impact of ACA coverage expansions, and implications for states and local safety net programs.

How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Reform

This April 3011 forum, “How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Federal and State Health Reform,” examined how we might re-envision Medicaid in Illinois and how to ensure that safety net institutions are central to the implementation of health reform.

Hospital Community Benefits after the ACA

A January 2011 issue brief by The Hilltop Institute on the institute’s Hospital Community Benefit Program, a central resource for state and local decision makers who seek to ensure that tax-exempt hospital community benefit activities are more responsive to pressing community health needs. The institute is a Maryland-based nonpartisan health research organization focusing on Medicaid and publicly financed health care systems.

Health Reform Impact on Illinois Safety Net Hospitals

This May 2010 document from Health & Medicine Policy Research Group summarized key provisions of health care reform related to non-profit and disproportionate share hospitals and the potential impact of these changes on these hospitals in Illinois. Reform legislation impacts these hospitals through changes in payment sources and community- benefit requirements, among other reforms.

The Value of Insurance: the Uninsured and Hospital Bills

This May 2011 ASPE research brief from HHS estimates estimates the likelihood that those without health insurance would be able to pay hospital bills. (more…)

Patient Advocate Foundation

The Patient Advocate Foundation provides mediation and arbitration services to patients to remove obstacles to healthcare including medical debt crisis, insurance access issues and employment issues for patients with chronic, debilitating and life-threatening illnesses. Their motto is “Solving Insurance and Healthcare Access Problems.”

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