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Topic: Qualified Health Plans

QHPs are plans sold on the health insurance marketplace. They must meet certain standards as established by the ACA.

2015 Analysis of Qualified Health Plans

The Illinois Department of Insurance examines the new options marketplace consumers can choose from for the 2015 enrollment period. The analysis includes information on the number of plans offered in geographic areas and data on rate changes.

Catastrophic Health Insurance Fact Sheet

In addition to platinum, gold, silver, and bronze plans, health insurance marketplaces with sell “catastrophic” health plans. Catastrophic plans pay for even less of your health costs than bronze plans, but have low monthly fees. This fact sheet from Families USA provides further detail on how Catastrophic health plans are different than other plans, info on financial assistance, and whether a person may qualify.

List of Qualified Health Plans on the Illinois Small Business (SHOP) Marketplace

This spreadsheet lists all Qualified Health Plans on Illinois’ Small Business Health Options Program. QHPs are listed by county, with sample premiums for individuals and families. The SHOP is Health Insurance Marketplace for employers with less than 50 FTEs. (For all qualified individual and family plans, see this page.)

List of Qualified Health Plans on the Illinois Marketplace

This data set from lists the Qualified Health Plans for individuals and families on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace by county, with sample premiums. (For qualified SHOP plans, see this page.)

DOI on Illinois’ Qualified Health Plans

This September 2013 presentation by the Illinois Department of Insurance explains and discusses the range of QHPs to be offered on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace beginning October 1, 2013.

QHP Guidance from Illinois DOI

This guidance issued in March 2013 by the Illinois Department of Insurance gives a checklist and criteria for Qualified Health Plans to be certified on the Illinois health insurance exchange. Plans had be submitted to DOI by April 30, 2013 to be certified for open enrollment in October.

Examples of Consumer-Friendly Standards for the Exchange

The way an exchange implements it standards for qualified health plans will have a significant impact on the ability of these plans to meet the needs of consumers and small businesses. This January 2013 resource from Families USA outlines the minimum QHP standards required by the ACA and provides examples from eight state-based exchanges on how to implement those standards in a consumer-friendly way.

Selecting Plans to Participate in an Exchange

This February 2011 state guide from Families USA is intended to help stakeholders understand what’s involved in selecting plans and how the process can be structured in the best interests of state residents.