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Topic: Preventive Services

The ACA requires that insurance plans provide important preventive healthcare services – such as vaccines, screening, counseling, and annual checkups – at no out-of-pocket charge. This provision went into effect in 2011.

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Preventive Services Covered by Private Plans

This fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation summarizes preventive services that the ACA requires private health to cover without any patient cost-sharing, and discusses the implications and economic impacts of this coverage being made available. These requirements apply to all private plans with the exception of so-called “grandfathered” plans.

New Guidelines Mean More Preventive Services for Women

This blog post, entitled “New Guidelines Mean Women with Insurance Will Get More Preventive Services Free,” appeared in August 2011 at the Commonwealth Fund. It lists and discusses the new required services for women, to be covered by all non-grandfathered health plans.

5 Key ACA Standards that Will Impact Family Planning

This May 2011 document from the National Health Law Program, or NHeLP, explains these Affordable Care Act terms – Qualified Health Plans, Essential Health Benefits, Benchmark Plans, Preventive Care, and Essential Community Providers. A grasp of the complex ways these new standards interact with each other is key to understanding how access to family planning services will be impacted in Medicaid and the insurance exchanges.

Women at Risk, and How the ACA Will Help

This May 2011 study by the Commonwealth Fund explores Why increasing numbers of women are failing to get the health care they need and how the Affordable Care Act will help. It is based on findings from the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey of 2010.

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