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Topic: Premiums

The amount that a person, family or company pays for their health insurance plan, usually monthly, is the premium. Workers covered through their employer normally have the premium deducted from their paycheck. Medicare patients typically have their medical insurance premium deducted from their Social Security benefit.

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DOI Health Insurance Reform Webinars

These presentations by the Illinois Department of Insurance on health reform related issues, such as the health benefits exchange and premium increases, remain available on the DOI website in various formats.

Disclosure and Review of Unreasonable Premium Increases

This April 2011 brief from Health Reform GPS gives a detailed explanation of the ACA’s rate review process.

Will the ACA Make Health Insurance Affordable?

This April 2011 report from the Commonwealth Fund assesses how much “room” people have in their budget, after paying for other necessities, to pay for health care needs. (more…)

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