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Topic: Premiums

The amount that a person, family or company pays for their health insurance plan, usually monthly, is the premium. Workers covered through their employer normally have the premium deducted from their paycheck. Medicare patients typically have their medical insurance premium deducted from their Social Security benefit.

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Affordable, Quality Care for All?

This November 2015 brief from the National Health Council shares patient experiences of Marketplace enrollees with chronic conditions. A major finding: Marketplace consumers, especially those with complex medical needs, require more tools to make informed enrollment decisions.

Savvy Health Insurance Shopping

This comparison worksheet from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is for enrollment assisters working with consumers selecting Marketplace plans. It has been updated for the 2015-2016 enrollment period.

Bronze, Silver or Gold?

This fact sheet from Families USA, updated for the 2015-2016 period, explains the metal levels that are used to organize Marketplace health insurance plans.

Know Health Insurance Lingo

This September 2015 guide from Families USA  explains many of the health insurance terms that consumers need to understand when they are shopping for insurance.

Estimating Your Doctor Bills

The National Health Council created a calculator that helps health care consumers predict their annual out of pocket expenses.

Form 1095-A Timeline

A January 2015 news article summarizes when consumers who purchased 2014 federal marketplace plans will receive a new tax-filing document from the marketplace. The article explains what consumers should do if they do not obtain the form 1095-A.

Immigrants, the ACA, and Tax-Filing

In a November 2014 question and answer, the National Immigration Law Center addresses immigrants’ concerns when applying for health insurance or filling out tax returns.

IRS Info on Form 1095-A 

This December 2014 fact sheet from the IRS details what information will be included in the new document sent to all consumers who purchased 2014 coverage through the federal marketplace. The Form 1095-A records the monthly premiums and the tax credits.

Applying for Premium Tax Credits for 2015

This September 2014 question and answer from Consumers Union explains how individuals report their income when applying for financial assistance for a marketplace plan.

How to Keep Marketplace Health Insurance

This Families USA fact sheet explains the steps needed to keep health insurance purchased on the health insurance marketplace. These steps include paying premiums, keeping information up to date, and renewing coverage every year.

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