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Topic: Pre-Existing Condition

A key provision of the ACA outlaws discrimination based on health status. Starting in 2014, no one can be denied coverage, charged a higher premium, or sold a policy that excludes coverage of important health services simply because of a pre-existing condition.

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Affordable, Quality Care for All?

This November 2015 brief from the National Health Council shares patient experiences of Marketplace enrollees with chronic conditions. A major finding: Marketplace consumers, especially those with complex medical needs, require more tools to make informed enrollment decisions.

Health Plan Discrimination Advocacy Strategies

This blog post from Community Catalyst shows how stronger network adequacy standards can play a role in addressing discrimination, and spotlights how discrimination in health plans affects those with chronic illnesses, using people living with HIV/AIDS as an example. It is based on a workshop on advocacy strategies that Community Catalyst facilitated at the Consumer Voices for Coverage annual meeting in September 2014.

Heart Disease and Health Care Reform

This page on the American Heart Association site helps consumers with cardiovascular disease or stroke history understand what they need to know regarding health care reform. Sections also discuss heart disease as it relates to women and minorities.

The Affordable Care Act’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

This report from The Commonwealth Fund compares the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or PCIP, with previously existing state-based high-risk pools from a standpoint of enrollment, costs and lessons for reform. (more…)

Worry No More: Illinoisans with Pre-Existing Conditions Are Protected

This July 2012 report from Families USA spells out many people with pre-existing conditions live in Illinois and in each county, with a breakdown based on age, income level, and racial or ethnic group. (more…)

Help for Illinoisans with Pre-Existing Conditions

This May 2010 fact sheet from Families USA showed that nearly 1 out of every 4 Illinoisans was at risk for denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. (more…)

Help for Illinoisans with Pre-Existing Conditions

This May 2010 report from Families USA presents the number of state residents with diagnosed pre-existing conditions who, absent reform, would be at risk of being denied coverage in the individual insurance market. It breaks down this number by age, income, and race. It discusses how, under health reform, no one will be denied coverage, charged a higher premium, or sold a policy that excludes coverage of essential benefits because of pre-existing conditions.

How Many Have Pre-Existing Conditions? 36 Million to 122 Million

Asked to examine the effect of the ACA prohibition against discrimination based on pre-existing condition, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that previous estimates of individuals with pre-existing conditions ranged from 36 million to 122 million. The estimates in the GAO’s March 2012 study were for people age 19-64.

Medicaid’s Impact in Illinois: Helping People with Serious Health Care Needs

A report on the important role Medicaid plays in providing health care to those with chronic illnesses in Illinois. The analysis is based on data on state residents with cancer, diabetes, chronic lung disease, or heart disease or stroke who rely on Medicaid for their health coverage. The September 2011 report was produced by The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Families USA, The American Diabetes Association, and The American Lung Association.

How the ACA Helps People With Cancer and Their Families

A brochure from the American Cancer Society with straightforward facts and individuals’ stories on how those with cancer can benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

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