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Topic: Out of Pocket Costs

When visiting the doctor or filling a prescription, consumers may have to pay a percentage or set dollar amount of the costs. Health insurance plans identify out of pocket costs with their explanation of benefits, often using terms such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. Evaluating a potential health plan’s out of pocket costs is an important consideration for health insurance consumers, especially for those with existing medical needs.

Shop to Renew During Open Enrollment

This October 2015 blog post from the Center on Health Insurance Reforms explains the importance of exploring health insurance options when keeping coverage during the general enrollment period.

Black Friday Health Insurance Discounts

This YouTube video from explains how cost-sharing reductions for ACA marketplace plans work and who qualifies.

Young, Invincible…and Insured!

This November 2015 article from Kaiser Health News reviews five things that the uninsured ages 18-31 should consider when getting health coverage in Open Enrollment number three. The article addresses common reasons that a young adult would not buy health insurance.

Coverage is Good Medicine

This pocket card from Doctors America gives health care providers a script to discuss health insurance with their clients. The pocket card, updated for 2014-2015, answers common questions that patients may have about the benefits of health insurance.

5 Pointers for Marketplace Shoppers

This October 2015 explainer from the Commonwealth Fund shares tips for consumers to consider when exploring their health coverage options during Open Enrollment number three.

Savvy Health Insurance Shopping

This comparison worksheet from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is for enrollment assisters working with consumers selecting Marketplace plans. It has been updated for the 2015-2016 enrollment period.

Stop, Shop, Enroll!

This October 2015 infographic from Families USA tells consumers the steps to find the best health insurance plan during Open Enrollment number three.

Health Insurance Vocab

This July 2015 fact sheet from Health & Disability Advocates defines important health insurance terms. Community organizations and brokers can share with the newly insured.