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Topic: Open Enrollment

For both traditional employer-based insurance and plans purchased on the Marketplace, there is a period each year when people can freely purchase plans or make changes in their coverage. Outside of this open enrollment period, a major life event qualifies a person for a special enrollment period.

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Lessons from Open Enrollment

This survey by Enroll America showed that knowledge barriers inhibited some people from enrolling the first round, as well as high interest in the next round. The article highlights the importance of encouraging moms to enroll young adults, providing the Latino community with more information and enrollment help, and continuing to educate the public about the ACA.

Marketplace Enrollment Reports – 2014

The sixth HHS report on national and state-level Marketplace enrollment results show that over 8 million people selected a plan on the Marketplace; 28% were young adults age 18-34. This report covers the entire open enrollment period, Oct. 1 through March 31, including additional enrollment activity reported through April 19. Here is a breakout of the numbers on Illinois enrollments – and see a data visualization of them by Crain’s Chicago Business. (more…)

American Experience in the Marketplace

This January 2014 brief describes survey results collected by the Commonwealth Fund regarding the American experience in the health insurance marketplace during the first 3 months of open enrollment. A majority of respondents say they are determined to gain coverage by the end of this year’s open enrollment period.

HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2015

This HHS rule, issued in March 2014, addresses a number of Marketplace and private insurance issues related to federally-run insurance exchanges, financial assistance, and the operation of the SHOP for small businesses. (more…)

Marketplace Application Checklist

Use this checklist from to help you gather what you need to apply for coverage in the health insurance marketplace.

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