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Topic: Open Enrollment

For both traditional employer-based insurance and plans purchased on the Marketplace, there is a period each year when people can freely purchase plans or make changes in their coverage. Outside of this open enrollment period, a major life event qualifies a person for a special enrollment period.

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Talking Up Obamacare

Using this October 2015 communication guide from Enroll America, Enrollment Assisters can lead effective outreach for the Affordable Care Act. The guide identifies major talking points for assisters and what language to avoid.

Check this List Twice identifies what information Marketplace shoppers will need to have on hand when enrolling in a health insurance plan. This checklist has been updated for the 2016 enrollment period.

Keeping Financial Assistance

This October 2015 FAQ from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains how the Marketplace will automatically renew eligibility for advance premium tax credits. The resource identifies best practices for consumers to stay covered on the most economical plan.

Find Enrollment Assisters Near You!

The Enroll America connector tool identifies Navigators, Certified Application Counselors and In-Person Counselors who work close by.

Reasons to Avoid Auto-Enrollment

Individuals who used the health insurance marketplace to enroll in a health insurance plan for 2014 will be automatically enrolled in the same plan unless they select a different marketplace option during the 2015 enrollment period. This November 2014 issue brief from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains why it may be in a person’s best interest to complete a new application for the 2015 enrollment period. Those who do not complete a new application may receive a smaller premium tax credit and re-enroll in a plan that has a higher premium. Examples are provided.

5 Steps to Stay Covered

Once you have health coverage through the marketplace, it is important to review your plan and your health care needs in order to decide whether you need to change your plan for 2015. This CMS handout is full of tips to help you decide by December 15, 2014, whether you need to change your coverage, and to make sure you get the right coverage at the best price.

Coverage and Care After the ACA’s First Open Enrollment Period

This July 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey found that significantly fewer working-age adults were uninsured than just before the sign-up period began, and many had used their new coverage to obtain needed care. The uninsured rate for people age 19-64 declined from 20% during July to September of 2013 15% during April to June 2014. An estimated 9.5 million fewer adults were uninsured.

How to Keep Marketplace Health Insurance

This Families USA fact sheet explains the steps needed to keep health insurance purchased on the health insurance marketplace. These steps include paying premiums, keeping information up to date, and renewing coverage every year.

Making Assister Programs More Effective

This July 2014 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation health insurance Marketplace assister programs was completed by programs themselves using open-ended questions. The report outlines how programs were successful during the last open enrollment period and lists the ways that programs believed that their services can improve for the next round. (more…)

How Millions Got Covered

By April 2014, more than 12 million people had found new or more affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and Medicaid. This report from Community Catalyst, “Connecting Consumers to Coverage: Mobilizing for Enrollment,” showcases the many successful strategies employed throughout the country by consumer health advocates and their partners.

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