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Topic: Medicaid

Medicaid is a state-run program that provides medical coverage for low-income populations. Traditionally, families with children, pregnant women, children, seniors, and persons with disabilities have been eligible. The Affordable Care Act broadened eligibility to low-income adults without children in states that chose to implement the expansion.

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When 133 Equals 138: FPL Calculations in the Affordable Care Act

SHADAC’s January 2011 explanation of Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act for non-disabled childless adults.

Keeping Coverage Continuous: Smoothing the Path between Medicaid and the Exchange

A key challenge for those implementing the reform law is how to manage churning, when people cycle in and out of public programs as their income varies. What approaches are states and the federal government taking to minimize the disruption from churning? Will people be able to keep their provider as they move from Medicaid to private coverage and back? This May 2011 briefing, sponsored by the Alliance for Health Reform and The Commonwealth, addressed these and related questions.

Medicaid ACA Eligibility: Challenges for States

SHADAC’s April 2011 webinar and two presentations on eligibility challenges that states face under the ACA’s Medicaid provisions.

The “Dual Eligible” Opportunity: Improving Care and Reducing Costs

A December 2010 report by the Center for American Progress and Community Catalyst on financing and delivering care to individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Illinois Cares Rx Elimination – Frequently Asked Questions

This July 2012 brief from the Make Medicare Work Coalition discusses the elimination of Illinois Cares Rx and answers the most frequently asked questions from counselors who are assisting clients to navigate the changes. It includes information on: Illinois Cares Rx special enrollment periods and switching Medicare Part D plans; Medicaid spend-down; Circuit Breaker, Ride Free, and license plate discount programs; and Medicare Part D premium issues.

Medical Home Network Care Coordination Pilot

February 2012 announcement by the Medical Home Network that it has been designated by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services as a pilot healthcare project to test and evaluate care coordination initiatives expected to enhance quality and reduce the cost of care for approximately 170,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in Illinois.

Ensuring Access to Medicaid Under Health Reform

This May 2011 paper summarizes key issues from a roundtable discussion of federal and state officials and experts in December 2010. Participants discussed access gaps in access to care in Medicaid, approaches to increase provider participation in Medicaid, and greater support for safety-net providers. (more…)

How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Reform

This April 3011 forum, “How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Federal and State Health Reform,” examined how we might re-envision Medicaid in Illinois and how to ensure that safety net institutions are central to the implementation of health reform.

Medicaid Benefit Changes in the Affordable Care Act

Health Reform GPS – April 2011 Implementation Brief on Medicaid Changes in the Affordable Care Act

Protecting Seniors and People with Disabilities: Why It Is Important to Preserve the Maintenance Of Effort Requirement in the Affordable Care Act

Right now, many states are considering making cuts to Medicaid. On January 7, 2011, governors from 28 states sent a letter to President Obama and congressional leadership asking Congress to remove the maintenance of effort requirement. (more…)

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