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Topic: Medicaid

Medicaid is a state-run program that provides medical coverage for low-income populations. Traditionally, families with children, pregnant women, children, seniors, and persons with disabilities have been eligible. The Affordable Care Act broadened eligibility to low-income adults without children in states that chose to implement the expansion.

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CountyCare: a Successful Model for Medicaid Expansion 

This issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation focuses on the Cook County Early Expansion Initiative (CountyCare), which was initiated to help the state and Cook County Health and Hospitals System build capacity and experience to support implementation of the expansion in 2014.

Medicaid FAQ: Eligibility and Accessing Medical Services

These frequently asked questions from the Illinois Department of Human Services detail how to sign up for Medicaid and All Kids, how to access medical providers like a primary care physician or dentist under Medicaid, what to do if you have lost or did not receive a medical card, and what services are provided under Medicaid. The FAQ provides contact info to address issues and access needed care.

Applying for Medicaid in Illinois – FAQ

This set of answers from HFS to frequently asked questions is especially helpful for anyone who works directly with Medicaid consumers/applicants. Included are details such as how to change information on an application or submit verification documents, find a Medicaid provider, and how applicants should not fill out a new application in ABE for a newborn.

Medicaid Care Coordination Roll-out by Health Plan

This March 2014 diagram from HFS details the MCOs and provider groups that will be coordinating care for Illinois Medicaid, the eligibility category they will serve, when each program will start, and what geographic regions they will serve.

Application Process for Families that Include Immigrants

This resource from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities offers an in-depth guide including general rules of immigrant eligibility for healthcare, eligibility factors for federal non-emergency Medicaid and CHIP, as well as showing which immigrant statuses qualify for marketplace coverage.

Care Coordination Roll-out Map

By January 1, 2015, 50% of Medicaid members must be enrolled in managed care. This HFS map details the expansion of Medicaid Care Coordination projects across the state, including the Integrated Care Program, Care Coordination Entities, the Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative, and Voluntary Managed Care Organizations.

Illinois Medicaid Preferred Drug List

This comprehensive chart from Illinois Medicaid lists specific categories of prescription medication (for example, antidepressants), alongside a list of both preferred and non-preferred drug options within the state of Illinois.

ACA’s Impact on Medicaid for People with Disabilities

Medicaid is an important source of health insurance coverage for people with disabilities. This April 2014 issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation discusses how Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, and benefits are affected by the ACA.

How to Check the Status of Your Medicaid Application

This fact sheet from Get Covered Illinois explains the process of checking the status of a Medicaid Application submitted through the call center or the ABE website within Illinois.

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