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Topic: Medicaid

Medicaid is a state-run program that provides medical coverage for low-income populations. Traditionally, families with children, pregnant women, children, seniors, and persons with disabilities have been eligible. The Affordable Care Act broadened eligibility to low-income adults without children in states that chose to implement the expansion.

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Do You Qualify for Financial Help?

These tables from Families USA show how your income affects how much financial assistance you’ll get to pay for health insurance. The tables are updated for third Open Enrollment cycle running from November 1, 2015  to January 31, 2016.

Cutting Services, Eliminating Independence

This August 2015 report from Health & Disability Advocates communicates the consequences of changing the minimum eligibility threshold for the Determination of Need screen. The report highlights the personal stories of people who would be directly impacted.

The Role of Public Health in Chicago’s Mental Health System

This August 2015 report from Health & Disability Advocates details the Chicago Department of Public Health’s work in supporting behavioral health. The report gives recommendations for improving mental health delivery.

Maneuvering the Medicare and Medicaid Maze

This July 2015 report from Health & Disability Advocates and the Make Medicare Work Coalition shares the experiences of professionals in helping older adults and people with disabilities navigate the health care system. The report is based on a survey of MMW membership that covered topics including Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, Medicaid redeterminations, and Medicaid managed care.

Medicaid Coordinate Care: Who to Call and What to Know

This July 2015 toolkit from the Make Medicare Work Coalition is intended for health providers and benefits counselors to assist consumers in using and navigating health insurance options under Medicaid Coordinated Care.

Ombudsman Contact Information 

The Home and Community Ombudsman program is a free service for enrollees in the Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative. Ombudsman advocate for enrollee rights and solve problems with their services. This 2015 information sheet tells who to call for Ombudsman services.

What Happens After Enrolling in Medicaid Coordinated Care?

This May 2015 timeline from Health & Disability Advocates and the Make Medicare Work Coalition outlines what  enrollees should expect from their managed care plans.

Eligibility Mistakes for Tax Dependents has been incorrectly counting Social Security income received by children and other tax dependents when calculating household income. The mistake can push a person’s income over the Medicaid or CHIP eligibility threshold. This February 2015 alert for assistors and advocates explains the error and outlines steps to appeal incorrect eligibility decisions.

The Face of the Newly Insured

This March 2015 issue brief from the Department of Health & Human Services details the 16.4 million people who gained health insurance coverage by race and ethnicity, household income and age. The brief compares the uninsured rate between states that expanded Medicaid and those opting out.  

Advocacy with Medicaid Managed Care

This March 2015 guide from the National Health Law Program reviews the laws and reporting requirements for Medicaid managed care organizations. The guide identifies where and how advocates and policymakers can locate data to promote accountability and quality care from managed care organizations.

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