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Topic: Marketplace

The ACA created health insurance marketplaces where people can purchase health plans available in their state. Consumers and small businesses can purchase insurance online at or through other means, such as insurance companies or brokers.

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Illinois Marketplace Approval Letter

February 2013 letter from the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Governor Pat Quinn approving the blueprint for the Illinois Partnership Health Insurance Marketplace.

Residents Eligible for Marketplace Subsidies by Illinois House District

Tabulation of the number of residents who will be eligible for subsidies in the Health Insurance Marketplace, and the subsidy eligible as a proportion of the total uninsured population in the district.

Making Health Insurance Cost-Sharing Clear to Consumers

A Consumers Union study of consumers’ initial reactions to the new health insurance disclosure form found that they were able to use it to make hypothetical choices among health plans but also revealed a deep-seated confusion and lack of confidence with respect to health plan cost-sharing. (more…)

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