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Topic: Marketplace

The ACA created health insurance marketplaces where people can purchase health plans available in their state. Consumers and small businesses can purchase insurance online at or through other means, such as insurance companies or brokers.

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Detailed Marketplace Application Checklist

The Marketplace offers plans with different levels of coverage and price. This checklist from the National Health Council helps you select the plan that is the best match for your expected health needs by balancing medical needs and budget.

Risk Adjustment, Reinsurance and Risk Corridors under the ACA

This January 2014 brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains factors that are intended to promote insurer competition on based on quality and value and promote health insurance market stability.

Illinois Health Insurance 101

Knowing the facts can make all the difference. To make the most of new choices, protections and financial help, you need good information. This guide from Illinois PIRG and the U.S. Education Fund can help you find quality coverage that won’t break the bank.

Marketplace Application Checklist

Use this checklist from to help you gather what you need to apply for coverage in the health insurance marketplace.

DOI on Illinois’ Qualified Health Plans

This September 2013 presentation by the Illinois Department of Insurance explains and discusses the range of QHPs to be offered on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace beginning October 1, 2013.

How To Pay for Insurance on the Marketplace

This guide compares the various payment methods available to consumers, with helpful hints for each. Because your health insurance could be suspended if payments aren’t made, it is important you choose a payment option that will make it as easy as possible for you to pay on time. The document was created by the Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights, in collaboration with several partners.

A Whole New Way to Get Health Insurance

This 2013 brochure from Get Covered America brings together the highlights of the organization’s materials to help consumers understand what the new law will mean to them. It provides simple answers to such questions as “what will the Health Insurance Marketplace offer me?” and “how affordable is this new insurance?”

CMS Agent/BrokerTraining

This August 2013 CMS presentation provides an overview of the role of agents and brokers in the federally facilitated marketplace, announces the launch of the agent/broker training, and discusses upcoming activities to support agents and brokers in these marketplaces.

Medicare Part D’s Lessons for the New Marketplaces

This June 2013 brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes the lessons learned from the implementation of the Medicare Part D program as they apply to the expansion of coverage via the new health insurance exchanges and Medicaid. (more…)

QHP Guidance from Illinois DOI

This guidance issued in March 2013 by the Illinois Department of Insurance gives a checklist and criteria for Qualified Health Plans to be certified on the Illinois health insurance exchange. Plans had be submitted to DOI by April 30, 2013 to be certified for open enrollment in October.

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