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Topic: Marketplace

The ACA created health insurance marketplaces where people can purchase health plans available in their state. Consumers and small businesses can purchase insurance online at or through other means, such as insurance companies or brokers.

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CMS Assister Recertification Bulletin

This August 2014 bulletin from CMS gives guidance on training, certification, and recertification requirements applicable to federally-facilitated and state partnership Marketplace consumer assistance programs: navigator, non-navigator assistance personnel, and certified application counselors.

Limited Circumstance Special Enrollment Periods

This August 2014 fact sheet from CMS describes two limited circumstances, beyond life events and other previously announced limited circumstances, that consumers may experience which make them eligible for a special enrollment period.

Resolving Inconsistencies in Immigration Status

The federally-facilitated marketplace has been notifying to consumers with outstanding immigration and citizenship inconsistencies that they must resolve these “data matching” issues or their coverage through the Marketplace (including APTCs and/or CSRs) would end on September 30th. This August 2014 collection of tips from the Administration to help navigate this process was assembled by In the Loop. (more…)

More SEPs for Consumers with Medicaid Denials

This August 2014 fact sheet from In the Loop describes two limited circumstances, beyond life events and other previously announced limited circumstances, that some consumers who applied for and were denied Medicaid or CHIP may experience which make them eligible for an SEP.

7 Things to Know About Reporting a Life Change

Once you have Marketplace coverage, it’s important to make sure your information stays up to date. This information may change the coverage or savings you’re eligible for. It’s important to report life changes to the Marketplace right away. This July 2014 fact sheet from gives you all the details.

Who are the Newly Insured?

This May 2014 policy brief from the Urban Institute presents charts showing that most enrollees are in ACA target income groups, and that newly insured adults tend to be younger than those already insured, more likely to report fair or poor health, and often lack a strong connection to the health care system.

How Millions Got Covered

By April 2014, more than 12 million people had found new or more affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and Medicaid. This report from Community Catalyst, “Connecting Consumers to Coverage: Mobilizing for Enrollment,” showcases the many successful strategies employed throughout the country by consumer health advocates and their partners.

Marketplace Application and Citizenship

This fact sheet from CMS answers the citizenship questions that will be asked on the Marketplace application, including the differences between types of citizenship, how to verify your citizenship status, and the immigration documents that are required for the application.

8 Million and Counting: Premiums and Cost Sharing

This May 2014 policy brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation takes a deeper look at premiums, cost sharing and benefit design in the new Health Insurance Marketplaces based on a comprehensive dataset of information for all ACA silver plans.

Marketplace Enrollment Reports – 2014

The sixth HHS report on national and state-level Marketplace enrollment results show that over 8 million people selected a plan on the Marketplace; 28% were young adults age 18-34. This report covers the entire open enrollment period, Oct. 1 through March 31, including additional enrollment activity reported through April 19. Here is a breakout of the numbers on Illinois enrollments – and see a data visualization of them by Crain’s Chicago Business. (more…)

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