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Topic: Keeping Coverage

The steps you need to take in order to keep the insurance you purchased on the health insurance marketplace include paying premiums, keeping information up to date, and renewing coverage every year.

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Every Little Thing You Do is MAGI

This October 2015 guide from the National Health Law Program explains the new income counting and household composition rules used when applying for health insurance. MAGI is used to determine eligibility for Medicaid and premium tax credits.

Check this List Twice identifies what information Marketplace shoppers will need to have on hand when enrolling in a health insurance plan. This checklist has been updated for the 2016 enrollment period.

Keeping Financial Assistance

This October 2015 FAQ from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains how the Marketplace will automatically renew eligibility for advance premium tax credits. The resource identifies best practices for consumers to stay covered on the most economical plan.

Mobile and in MMAI

This June 2015 FAQ from EverThrive reviews enrollment policies concerning Medicaid managed care beneficiaries who move to a different county.

Help! I Lost My Medicaid

This October 2015 FAQ from The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Shriver Center, EverThrive Illinois and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago answers common questions about Medicaid redeterminations in Illinois.

Stop, Shop, Enroll!

This October 2015 infographic from Families USA tells consumers the steps to find the best health insurance plan during Open Enrollment number three.

Know Health Insurance Lingo

This September 2015 guide from Families USA  explains many of the health insurance terms that consumers need to understand when they are shopping for insurance.

Shop Smart for the Right Health Insurance Plan This Year

This September 2015 Consumer Reports blog entry describes best practices when shopping for health insurance. The post offers tips on comparing plans.

Estimating Your Doctor Bills

The National Health Council created a calculator that helps health care consumers predict their annual out of pocket expenses.

I’m Covered, Now What?

This 2014 guide from Families USA explains how people can best use their health insurance. The guide includes information on finding a doctor, preparing for the visit and using preventative services.

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