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The tax provisions of the Affordable Care Act are overseen by the IRS. From verifying that consumers complied with the individual mandate to confirming the income reported for premium tax credits, the IRS is a major player in implementing healthcare reform.

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Exceptions to the Individual Mandate

This grid from Families USA lists out  exemptions to the requirement of having health insurance and how people can apply for them. The grid was updated in October 2015 and applies to the 2016 tax-filing season.

Getting Ready for Tax Day

This January 2016 blog post from the CEO lays out what consumers should expect in the second tax-filing season under the ACA. The post details processes for consumers with Marketplace insurance; consumers with Medicaid, Medicare or employer-sponsored insurance; and for those without coverage.

It’s Almost Tax Time!

This January 2016 news article from CBS News describes the three tax forms, the 1095-A, 1095-B and 1095-C that will be used by the IRS to collect information on health insurance coverage.

Tax-Preparers Boost Enrollment Success

This September 2015 issue brief from Enroll America highlights the connections between health coverage and tax-filing. The brief explains how the enrollment community can leverage the connections to increase the number of people with health insurance.

Open (and Understand) Your Mail

This September 2015 list of 9 facts from the IRS explains the notices that may be delivered to the mailboxes of Marketplace consumers.

Calculate Your ACA Tax Penalty

The Tax Policy Center created a tool that estimates a person’s fine for not having health insurance during 2014.

Tax-Filing Recs Post ACA

This December 2014 tip sheet from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services educates marketplace plan consumers on what changes they should expect during tax-filing season. CMS advises people who had coverage through the marketplace, those who received tax credits, and people without health insurance.

Paying Taxes Without Insurance

A January 2015 issue brief from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services outlines what uninsured tax payers should expect during the upcoming tax season. The brief identifies exempt populations and where to get tax help.

The ACA’s Changes to Tax Returns

This December 2014 question and answer from the IRS outlines changes to tax filing because of the healthcare reform law. The IRS details how individuals report minimum essential coverage on their tax forms and how to reconcile or claim premium tax credits.

Form 1095-A Timeline

A January 2015 news article summarizes when consumers who purchased 2014 federal marketplace plans will receive a new tax-filing document from the marketplace. The article explains what consumers should do if they do not obtain the form 1095-A.

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