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Topic: HHS

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the cabinet-level federal agency responsible for health-related programs. Medicare and Medicaid the nation’s two largest public health programs as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Program and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, are managed by HHS’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS.

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Federal ACA Implementation FAQs

These answers to frequently asked questions regarding implementation of various provisions of the Affordable Care Act were prepared in February 2013 jointly by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Treasury. (more…)

Illinois Marketplace Approval Letter

February 2013 letter from the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to Governor Pat Quinn approving the blueprint for the Illinois Partnership Health Insurance Marketplace.

Affordable Insurance Exchanges Guidance

This detailed guidance issued in January 2012 by the Department of
Health and Human Services provides a framework and basic roadmap for states considering a State Partnership Exchange and describes how HHS will work with states independent of State Partnership Exchange.

Blueprint for State-based and State Partnership Exchanges

This HHS document is the comprehensive roadmap for a state’s application for approval of its planned state-based or partnership exchange. State applications were to be submitted to HHS by November 16, 2012 for review and approval.

General Guidance on Federally-facilitated Exchanges

This May 2012 HHS document outlines the department’s approach to implementing a federally-facilitated health insurance exchange in any state where a state-based exchange is not operating.

Federal Funding Under the ACA

This April 2012 fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation contains highlights from an analysis tracking the flow of federal Affordable Care Act funds to states as reporter in the HHS grant database as well as periodic reports from HHS and the IRS.

Health & Disability Advocates’ Comments on Essential Health Benefits Bulletin

HDA comments to HHS on the essential health benefits bulletin released December 16, 2011, and the supplementary material released on January 25.

State Exchange Implementation Questions and Answers

This November 2011 set of questions and answered was released by CMS in anticipation of state legislative sessions beginning in January. Answers in this fact sheet were meant to help advance state policy development for exchanges.

Selected Medical Benefits: A Report

This April 2011 report from the Labor Department tabulates information from the BLS National Compensation Survey to help HHS determine what constituted an “essential benefit,” and examines data for 12 additional services for which HHS requested information on coverage and cost sharing. The study mainly looked at large employer benefits. (more…)

State Employee Benefit Choice Options

This handbook describes the health benefits available to all Illinois state employees. This is important because HHS guidance on ACA essential health benefits says that each state will determine its own EHB package, potentially based on its largest state employee plan. (more…)

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