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As far back as 1948, President Truman drew attention to the need to make healthcare more accessible, stating that “most of our people cannot afford to pay for the care they need.” In recent decades this has been a growing national issue, which came to a boil during the enactment of, and subsequent constitutional challenges to, the Affordable Care Act.

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Without Reform Past High Premiums Will Be the Future

This January 2011 HHS report from the Kaiser Family Foundation demonstrates that without reform health insurance premiums paid by consumers and employers would be higher in the short and long run. Under the ACA some families can save up to $14,900 a year, and tax credits will save small businesses $6 billion over two years. The full title is “Health Insurance Premiums: Past High Costs Will Become the Present and Future Without Health Reform.”

State Health Facts at a Glance: Illinois

Kaiser Family Foundation’s state-specific data on healthcare and health reform in Illinois, including demographics and the economy, the uninsured, health status, public programs, disparities, providers and use of services.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act for Illinois

This September 2012 summary of state-specific information from provides a list of the improvements that the ACA is already making for small businesses, individuals, and community organizations in Illinois.

The Affordable Care Act: Immediate Benefits for Illinois

This 2010 document from the White House describes the new protections and increased access to care that Affordable Care Act was already providing for people in Illinois.

Your Bottom Line: What Health Reform Means for Illinois Small Businesses

This presentation by the Small Business Majority, Campaign for Better Health Care and HHS lays out the key benefits of health reform for small businesses, including a competitive marketplace and immediate tax credits, and describes other immediate and longer-term benefits.

Healthcare Reform Will Help Illinois Small Businesses

This 2009 fact sheet from the Small Business Majority noted that small businesses are burdened by high premiums, especially in Illinois with its high degree of market consolidation; it concluded that reform will make healthcare more affordable for the state’s small businesses.

The ACA at Two: What’s Already in Place and What to Expect

This April 2012 presentation, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health series, includes an overview of the ACA, changes in effect or about to go into effect, pending state and federal policy decisions, and data on the uninsured in Illinois.

Immigrants and the ACA: A Primer

A brief description by IHM of how immigrants, non-immigrants and undocumented immigrants are affected by the ACA.

The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare

This delightful animated video from Kaiser Family Foundation illustrates how health insurance coverage will work under health reform. Subtitled “Health Insurance Changes Coming Your Way Under the Affordable Care Act,” it explains a complex law in a clever an engaging way.

Understanding Health Reform – A Community Guide for African Americans

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation produced this guide to help everyday people better understand the new law – the benefits available to them and its potential for strengthening our nation’s health and healthcare system. (more…)

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