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As far back as 1948, President Truman drew attention to the need to make healthcare more accessible, stating that “most of our people cannot afford to pay for the care they need.” In recent decades this has been a growing national issue, which came to a boil during the enactment of, and subsequent constitutional challenges to, the Affordable Care Act.

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Unfinished Business: Completing Health Care in Illinois

This September 2011 report by United Power for Action and Justice on health care reform in Illinois includes survey results from over 600 members about problems they were encountering with their health insurance.

Opinion Leaders’ Views on Vulnerable Populations in the U.S. Health System

This August 2011 survey of health care opinion leaders by the Commonwealth Fund and Modern Healthcare found that virtually all believe traditional safety-net institutions will still fulfill critical roles after ACA implementation. Most believe the new law will effectively improve access and financial protection for vulnerable populations, and support policies that would guarantee access to care for undocumented immigrants.

Ensuring Access to Medicaid Under Health Reform

This May 2011 paper summarizes key issues from a roundtable discussion of federal and state officials and experts in December 2010. Participants discussed access gaps in access to care in Medicaid, approaches to increase provider participation in Medicaid, and greater support for safety-net providers. (more…)

Disclosure and Review of Unreasonable Premium Increases

This April 2011 brief from Health Reform GPS gives a detailed explanation of the ACA’s rate review process.

How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Reform

This April 3011 forum, “How Safety Net Institutions Can Best Leverage Federal and State Health Reform,” examined how we might re-envision Medicaid in Illinois and how to ensure that safety net institutions are central to the implementation of health reform.

Out-of-Pocket Spending Caps Protect Families in Illinois

In 2011, 590,500 Illinoisans under the age of 65 are in families that will spend more than the out-of-pocket caps for covered services in the Affordable Care Act’s essential benefits package; 72% of them are in working families. Spending by these families will exceed the caps by $1.0 billion in one year alone.

Health Reform Implementation Glossary

This glossary of more than 200 key reform terms is provided by HealthReformGPS, a project of the George Washington University’s Hirsh Health Law and Policy Program and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The project is aimed at making health reform implementation easier to understand.

Materials and Webcasts from Health Action 2011

Health Action is Families USA’s annual conference on health care policy and advocacy.

How the ACA Will Strengthen Primary Care and Benefit Patients, Providers, and Payers

The United States has undervalued and underinvested in primary care for decades. This January 2012 brief by the Commonwealth Fund describes how the Affordable Care Act will begin to address the neglect of America’s primary care system and, wherever possible, estimates the potential impact these efforts will have on the primary care system.

Progress Made with Illinois Medicaid Reforms, But Policy Concerns Remain

This brief from the Shriver Center on Illinois’ Medicaid reform law, signed January 25, 2011, describes how the new law makes progress in necessary areas, especially in implementing national health reform, but may not be best policy in others, especially the changes to All Kids, which narrow eligibility and increase red tape.

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