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While a great deal of information is available to help consumers and companies deal with health reform and understand how it will affect them, there is at the same time an effort to understand how well it is meeting its goals, and how it will affect communities and the nation as a whole.

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Hospital Community Benefits after the ACA

A January 2011 issue brief by The Hilltop Institute on the institute’s Hospital Community Benefit Program, a central resource for state and local decision makers who seek to ensure that tax-exempt hospital community benefit activities are more responsive to pressing community health needs. The institute is a Maryland-based nonpartisan health research organization focusing on Medicaid and publicly financed health care systems.

State Health Facts at a Glance: Illinois

Kaiser Family Foundation’s state-specific data on healthcare and health reform in Illinois, including demographics and the economy, the uninsured, health status, public programs, disparities, providers and use of services.

Your Bottom Line: What Health Reform Means for Illinois Small Businesses

This presentation by the Small Business Majority, Campaign for Better Health Care and HHS lays out the key benefits of health reform for small businesses, including a competitive marketplace and immediate tax credits, and describes other immediate and longer-term benefits.

Better Health Means Better Business

This June 2011 article from the Center for American Progress explains how minority-owned small businesses stand to benefit from health care reform.

The Impact of the Recession on Workers’ Health Coverage

This April 2011 issue brief from the Employee Benefit Research Institute summarizes the toll the 2007–09 recession took on the percentage of the population with employment-based health coverage. Although percentage of individuals under age 65 with employment-based health coverage has been slowly eroding, 2009 was the first year in which it fell below 60%, marking the largest one-year decline in coverage.

A “Job-Killing” Law? Finds No Evidence

A January 2011 analysis by concluded that House Republicans had misrepresented the facts. In fact, experts were predicting the health care law would have little effect on employment.

Healthcare Reform Will Help Illinois Small Businesses

This 2009 fact sheet from the Small Business Majority noted that small businesses are burdened by high premiums, especially in Illinois with its high degree of market consolidation; it concluded that reform will make healthcare more affordable for the state’s small businesses.

How Many Have Pre-Existing Conditions? 36 Million to 122 Million

Asked to examine the effect of the ACA prohibition against discrimination based on pre-existing condition, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that previous estimates of individuals with pre-existing conditions ranged from 36 million to 122 million. The estimates in the GAO’s March 2012 study were for people age 19-64.

The ACA at Two: What’s Already in Place and What to Expect

This April 2012 presentation, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health series, includes an overview of the ACA, changes in effect or about to go into effect, pending state and federal policy decisions, and data on the uninsured in Illinois.

The Financial Burden of Health Spending by Medicare Households

This brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation compares the financial burden of average out-of-pocket health expenses as a share of total household expenditures for Medicare and non-Medicare households, based on analysis of the Consumer Expenditure Survey. (more…)

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