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While a great deal of information is available to help consumers and companies deal with health reform and understand how it will affect them, there is at the same time an effort to understand how well it is meeting its goals, and how it will affect communities and the nation as a whole.

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The Income Divide in Health Care

This February 2012 collection of charts illustrates the lack of insurance rates for low- and moderate-income adults, and how the Affordable Care Act will help restore fairness to the health system. The data is based on results of the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance Tracking Survey.

2011 Report on Illinois Poverty

The economic crisis has pushed poverty to its highest point in decades, states this report from Social IMPACT Research Center at Heartland Alliance. Nearly 1 in 3 Illinoisans are now considered poor or low income, an astounding statistic.

Review of the Health Care Climate in Illinois

This September 2011 review was carried out by Deloitte Consulting as background research to support the state of Illinois in the development of its health insurance exchange. (more…)

The Basic Health Option: Will It Work for Low-Income Consumers in Your State?

This July 2011 Families USA fact sheet describes the option the ACA provides to states that could help them create a more seamless experience for families. The Basic Health option allows states to create a separate program for people who are not eligible for Medicaid and who earn up to 200% of poverty. (more…)

ACA and State Governments: Consider Savings as Well as Costs

This July 2011 brief from the Urban Institute reports that states would spend at least $90 billion less from 2014 to 2019 with the ACA than without it. The brief is from the series”Timely Analysis of Immediate Health Policy Issues.

A Profile of Health Insurance Exchange Enrollees

This March 2011 fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheet uses the 2007 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey to simulate a demographic, health status, and health utilization profile of the individuals across the nation expected to obtain health insurance coverage through the Exchanges by 2019.

2011 Illinois Health Care Market Facts

This July 2011 infographic from Crain’s Chicago Business presents key health care market statistics for Illinois, based on data from the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council. It highlights an estimated 407,000 Chicago-area jobs to be supported by hospitals, hospital operations and hospital construction.

Roadmap of the Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Illinois’ Children and Families

A June 2011 document intended for use by Illinois policy analysts and makers, as well as advocates concerned with the effects and implementation of national health care reform for the population of minor children and their families. The ACA serves as the foundation for this roadmap. (more…)

Illinois Healthcare Quality Snapshot

This AHRQ document contains data on healthcare quality for Illinois, including the five strongest and weakest measures, and data on payers and on disparities. It was generated in May 2011 based on AHRQ data collected for the 2010 National Healthcare Quality Report. The parent website has now moved here.

Public Opinion and Health Care Policy Tutorial

This 13-minute audio tutorial covers basic concepts and data concerning health reform and the impression people have about the nation’s health cares system. It was produced for, a Kaiser Family Foundation website that ceased production in September 2013; however, the materials remain available.

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