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Topic: Health Insurance Literacy

Getting coverage is just the first step, consumers must also know how to use it. When consumers can understand the jargon, how to be smart health insurance shoppers and what to expect when visiting the doctor, they can benefit from their new coverage.

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Exceptions to the Individual Mandate

This grid from Families USA lists out  exemptions to the requirement of having health insurance and how people can apply for them. The grid was updated in October 2015 and applies to the 2016 tax-filing season.

My Health, My Voice

This November 2015 guide from Raising Women’s Voices is for newly insured women who have questions about how to use their health coverage.

5 Pointers for Marketplace Shoppers

This October 2015 explainer from the Commonwealth Fund shares tips for consumers to consider when exploring their health coverage options during Open Enrollment number three.

Savvy Health Insurance Shopping

This comparison worksheet from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is for enrollment assisters working with consumers selecting Marketplace plans. It has been updated for the 2015-2016 enrollment period.

Bronze, Silver or Gold?

This fact sheet from Families USA, updated for the 2015-2016 period, explains the metal levels that are used to organize Marketplace health insurance plans.

Know Health Insurance Lingo

This September 2015 guide from Families USA  explains many of the health insurance terms that consumers need to understand when they are shopping for insurance.

Do You Qualify for Financial Help?

These tables from Families USA show how your income affects how much financial assistance you’ll get to pay for health insurance. The tables are updated for third Open Enrollment cycle running from November 1, 2015  to January 31, 2016.

I’m Covered, Now What?

This 2014 guide from Families USA explains how people can best use their health insurance. The guide includes information on finding a doctor, preparing for the visit and using preventative services.

Now that You’re Covered

This July 2015 fact sheet from the Small Business Health Collaborative outlines tips for the newly insured so that they can get the most out of their health insurance plans. Community organizations and brokers can share with consumers who are new to health insurance coverage.

Take Advantage of Preventive Services

This July 2015 fact sheet from the Small Business Health Collaborative details the preventative services that all marketplace health insurance plans are required to offer. Community organizations and brokers can share with the newly insured.

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