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Topic: Health Insurance Exchange

A key concept of the reform model adopted by the ACA is that states would have centralized markets offering a variety of qualified health plans to consumers, along the lines established in Massachusetts in 2006. Although the term was common during the campaign to enact reform, the exchanges are now more often called health insurance marketplaces.

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Designing an Exchange: A Toolkit for State Policymakers

The National Academy of Social Insurance’s 45-page “toolkit” from January 2011 was intended to help states makes decisions in developing the health insurance exchanges. The NASI paper builds on model legislation created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and offers additions and alternatives to the NAIC’s proposed act.

DOI Health Insurance Reform Webinars

These presentations by the Illinois Department of Insurance on health reform related issues, such as the health benefits exchange and premium increases, remain available on the DOI website in various formats.

Illinois Exchange Background Research and Needs AssessmentOctober 2011 presentation to the Governor’s Reform Implementation Council of the Illinois Exchange Background Resources and Needs Assessment Final Report and Findings. The report stressed that it takes time to design, develop, test and launch a successful Exchange; outreach and education are crucial; and Exchange functions will need to be developed or purchased.

Unfinished Business: Completing Health Care in Illinois

This September 2011 report by United Power for Action and Justice on health care reform in Illinois includes survey results from over 600 members about problems they were encountering with their health insurance.

Seamless Access to Affordable Coverage

This HHS fact sheet gives an August 2011 update on the agencies work to help build affordable insurance exchanges.

Assessing the July 2011 HHS Exchange Regulations

This Community Catalyst fact sheet follows the release by HHS of the first round of exchange regulations in July 2011, and draws on Community Catalyst’s work to help develop state exchanges around the country. The document highlights 10 important priorities for consumers and outlines key areas that require stronger protections or clarification in the federal regulations. It was designed so that state consumer advocates could use it to review the regulations and understand what is at stake for consumers moving forward.

Health Insurance Exchanges That Work for Rural

A March 2011 publication from the Center for Rural Affairs that examines some of the important rural issues and considerations in health insurance exchanges.

Illinois Health Care Reform Implementation Council Initial Report

This March 2011 report provides the Council’s first set of recommendations on ACA implementation. They fall into two categories: issues the state must address immediately, and decisions that can be made after more information is gathered. Foremost among the immediate recommendations is to establish a health insurance exchange for Illinois, governed by a quasi-governmental authority.

Exchange Governance and Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability

This January 2011 presentation by the Illinois Department of Insurance described initial guidance from HHS on state exchanges and discussed issues including where the exchange should be located, whether it should be run by a governing board, and if so of what composition?

Features of Health Insurance Exchanges That Could Attract Small Business

This February 2012 presentation by Terry Gardiner of Small Business Majority described the characteristics of small businesses and the aspects of exchanges that could be useful for them.

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