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Topic: Getting Coverage

The health insurance marketplace is new, and it can be a little daunting – especially if you have only had health insurer from your employer, or have not had insurance for a while. Fortunately, there are many helpful materials.

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Explaining the Marketplace to Your Patients

This 2014 continuing education webinar for providers explains the eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures for the health insurance marketplace. Providers who serve high numbers of uninsured can apply this information to conversations with their patients.

How 21-Year-Olds Can Avoid Premium Hikes

Returning to the marketplace can mitigate cost increases due to aging. In a November 2014 blog post, Kaiser Health News explains how 21-year-olds can benefit from re-applying for coverage during the 2015 enrollment period.

Choosing Marketplace or Workplace Plans

Getting health insurance through the marketplace could be a better deal for individuals and families currently covered through their job. This October 2014 fact sheet from Families USA describes what factors to consider when making the decision. The fact sheet outlines who qualifies for marketplace plans and what types of financial assistance individuals and families could receive.

Your Healthcare Questions Answered

For the November 15 to February 15 enrollment period, Consumer Reports is addressing common concerns that consumers may have about healthcare and applying for insurance through its “healthlawhelper.” Consumer Reports includes prompts for questions and links to resources with answers. The information addresses topics such as how to pay for health insurance, what to do if a consumer is losing health insurance, and even allows consumers to e-mail their specific questions.

Network Adequacy Can Impact Quality of Care

Although enrolling in a health insurance plan is important, the medical options available through a plan can also impact an individual’s ability to access care and stay healthy. Network adequacy refers to the quality and quantity of healthcare choices that a person has within a certain plan. This October 2014 explainer from Families USA summarizes the basics of network adequacy and details how it can impact individuals trying to get care through their health plans – all in just six slides.

Answers to Common Marketplace Enrollment Issues

These November 2014 tips from the Blog are intended to help Marketplace users address common challenges, such as how to retrieve your username, unlock your account, and reset your password. There is also a link to the Marketplace call center in case you need a customer service representative to reset your password or unlock your account.

Reasons to Avoid Auto-Enrollment

Individuals who used the health insurance marketplace to enroll in a health insurance plan for 2014 will be automatically enrolled in the same plan unless they select a different marketplace option during the 2015 enrollment period. This November 2014 issue brief from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains why it may be in a person’s best interest to complete a new application for the 2015 enrollment period. Those who do not complete a new application may receive a smaller premium tax credit and re-enroll in a plan that has a higher premium. Examples are provided.

How to Pick an Insurance Plan

These tips from Consumer Reports outline three major questions you need to ask when picking a plan: What does the plan cover? How much does the plan cost? Which doctors and hospitals are in it? The resource was updated in September 2014.

ACA and Agricultural Workers

This guide from NerdWallet offers a concise breakdown of how the ACA benefits agricultural workers. It lists health benefits, types of health insurance plans, financial assistance options, and ways to purchase coverage.

Marketplace Application and Citizenship

This fact sheet from CMS answers the citizenship questions that will be asked on the Marketplace application, including the differences between types of citizenship, how to verify your citizenship status, and the immigration documents that are required for the application.

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