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Topic: Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to lower- and middle-income people buying plans on the Marketplace in the form of tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. People with income up to four times the federal poverty level can pay reduced premiums, and those with income below 250% can have lower out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles and copays. About 80% of people enrolling in first round qualified for assistance.

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Stop, Shop, Enroll!

This October 2015 infographic from Families USA tells consumers the steps to find the best health insurance plan during Open Enrollment number three.

What Insurance Can My Client Get?

This October 2015 grid from Health & Disability Advocates gives the dollar amount income thresholds for health care programs in Illinois.

The 1.1 Million Uninsured Illinoisans

This October 2015 issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation gives state-by-state totals on the number of uninsured. The brief also identifies whether the uninsured would qualify for Medicaid or financial assistance through the Marketplace.

Tax-Preparers Boost Enrollment Success

This September 2015 issue brief from Enroll America highlights the connections between health coverage and tax-filing. The brief explains how the enrollment community can leverage the connections to increase the number of people with health insurance.

Open (and Understand) Your Mail

This September 2015 list of 9 facts from the IRS explains the notices that may be delivered to the mailboxes of Marketplace consumers.

Get Covered, No Excuses

This October 2015 fact sheet from Health & Disability Advocates lists the health insurance options for young adults 30 years-old and under.

A Safety Plan That Includes Health Insurance

This October 2015 tip sheet from In the Loop explains how survivors of domestic violence can purchase a Marketplace plan and qualify for financial assistance after leaving their abuser.

Bronze, Silver or Gold?

This fact sheet from Families USA, updated for the 2015-2016 period, explains the metal levels that are used to organize Marketplace health insurance plans.

ACA 2.0

This August 2015 report from the Urban Institute outlines policy changes to improve implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Improving affordability and increasing the number of people with health insurance are discussed.

Know Health Insurance Lingo

This September 2015 guide from Families USA  explains many of the health insurance terms that consumers need to understand when they are shopping for insurance.

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