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Topic: Families

Healthcare is often a family affair, and family caregivers are the most important source of support for older people and adults with chronic conditions. The ACA helps families pay their health insurance premiums and gives them affordable new coverage options.

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Enrolling Families with Immigrants

This January 2015 webinar for assisters reviews the legal protections for immigrants and outlines the unique steps to apply for coverage.

Explaining New CHIP and Medicaid Eligibility

This January 2015 primer from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families describes the new household size and income standards for Medicaid and CHIP enrollment.

Understanding Different Types of Deductibles

The December 2014 blog entry from the Center on Health Insurance Reforms explains the difference between an embedded deductible and aggregate deductible. The terms apply to families purchasing health insurance.

Family Engagement for Quality Improvement

This set of tips helps pediatric healthcare teams improve quality improvement efforts. By including patient and family representatives in the beginning of quality improvement work, teams are able to better target efficient, meaningful and sustainable systems change. The tips were published in 2013 by the National Institute of Children’s Health Quality.

Churn and Children with Special Health Needs

This August 2014 fact sheet from the Family to Family Health Information Center explains how the ACA may help stabilize health coverage for families who move between health plan to health plan based on changes in eligibility for public or employment-based insurance – also known as “churn” – in health care. (more…)

Evaluating a Nursing Facility

Medicare beneficiaries often need further care in a nursing facility after discharge from the hospital, but patients and families are often unhappy with these placements. This in-depth guide to finding and choosing a facility was created by the Center for Medicare Advocacy to help families locate facilities in specific geographic areas, compare services and ratings, and consider alternatives to a nursing facility.

Application Process for Families that Include Immigrants

This resource from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities offers an in-depth guide including general rules of immigrant eligibility for healthcare, eligibility factors for federal non-emergency Medicaid and CHIP, as well as showing which immigrant statuses qualify for marketplace coverage.

ACA Guides for Farmworker Families

These fact sheets from Farmworker Justice provide basic information on health insurance options for farmworkers and their family members who may be eligible for tax credits, as well as providing information about the health insurance requirement (the “minimum essential coverage” provision). The fact sheets are available in English and Spanish. (more…)

What the ACA means for Children and Pediatricians

This brief from the American Academy of Pediatrics reviews what the ACA provisions mean for pediatric care in regards to health care access, health coverage, workforce, reimbursements, and state roles.

Buying Children’s Dental Coverage on the Marketplace

Of all the provisions in the Affordable Care Act, the children’s dental benefit can be most confusing to families. This guide produced by Families USA and the Children’s Dental Health Project uses eight frequently asked questions to help parents understand how this benefit works.

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