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Topic: Enrollment Assisters

People can help consumers look and apply for health coverage through the marketplace and Medicaid. They may be referred to as navigators or in-person-counselors and must have special training, be unbiased and offer assistance for free.

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Navigator Resource Guide

This October 2013 guide from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is intended to supplement Navigator training from HHS and focuses specifically on private insurance reforms. The guide breaks down questions regarding individuals with no coverage, individuals with coverage who wish to have more options, and small business owners who want to understand options for their employees.

Map: Chicago Uninsured Population and Enrollment Assisters

This map combines data collected and generated by Enroll America with HHS assister data to show high-density uninsured communities and nearby local assistance resources.

Getting and Using Health Plan Evidence of Coverage

This fact sheet from the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative is intended to help Navigators answer specific questions that people with disabilities might ask about getting and using health plans’ Evidence of Coverage documents when purchasers are considering buying health insurance through the Marketplace.

Comparing Summary of Benefits and Coverage for People with Disabilities 

This Q&A  from the National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative is intended to help Navigators answer questions that people with disabilities might ask about benefits and coverage available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Connecting the Unbanked to Coverage

This webinar, part of the Starting Strong for Community Health! series, provides an understanding of why people are unbanked and the unique challenges they face, payment methods available for people paying premiums on insurance from the Illinois health insurance marketplace, and resources to help individuals become banked. (more…)

Modified Adjusted Gross Income under the ACA

This July 2914 tip sheet from the UC Berkeley Labor Center explains how the MAGI will be calculated for ACA purposes and summarizes relevant federal regulations.

LGBT Cultural Competency for Assisters and Navigators

These recommendations were developed in July 2013 for assister/navigator personnel who would be engaging directly with uninsured New Yorkers, including LGBT people. (more…)

Illinois In-Person Counselor Grant Recipients

A list of the 44 organizations receiving IPC Grants by agency name, amount received and area served.

Illinois Consumer Assistance Match Maker Spreadsheet

This Google Spreadsheet was used in the first round of open enrollment to find Illinois partners in either the federal Navigator funding opportunity or the Illinois In Person Counselor RFP.

Navigators Need Not Be Licensed as Insurance Brokers or Agents

This March 2011 brief from Families USA explains how navigators are different from brokers and agents, and argues that today’s licensure requirements for brokers or agents are not the appropriate way to ensure navigators’ competency.

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