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Topic: Enrollment Assisters

People can help consumers look and apply for health coverage through the marketplace and Medicaid. They may be referred to as navigators or in-person-counselors and must have special training, be unbiased and offer assistance for free.

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Help! I Lost My Medicaid

This October 2015 FAQ from The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Shriver Center, EverThrive Illinois and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago answers common questions about Medicaid redeterminations in Illinois.

Get Help Getting Health Insurance

This September 2015 fact sheet from Health & Disability Advocates describes the trained professionals that consumers can use to connect with coverage.

Find Enrollment Assisters Near You!

The Enroll America connector tool identifies Navigators, Certified Application Counselors and In-Person Counselors who work close by.

I’m Covered, Now What?

This 2014 guide from Families USA explains how people can best use their health insurance. The guide includes information on finding a doctor, preparing for the visit and using preventative services.

Financial Help to Get Covered

This August 2015 fact sheet from the In the Loop explains cost-sharing reductions and what marketplace consumers are eligible for them.

Reaching the Uninsured After King v. Burwell

This June 2015 fact sheet from Health & Disability Advocates identifies the location of and demographic information for the remaining uninsured in Illinois. The fact sheet  promotes partnerships between navigators and brokers to connect the uninsured to health insurance with the marketplace.

Eligibility Mistakes for Tax Dependents has been incorrectly counting Social Security income received by children and other tax dependents when calculating household income. The mistake can push a person’s income over the Medicaid or CHIP eligibility threshold. This February 2015 alert for assistors and advocates explains the error and outlines steps to appeal incorrect eligibility decisions.

Roundup of OE2 Q’s

The Georgetown University Centers For Children and Families and Health Insurance Reforms compiled a list of common questions raised during the second open enrollment period. The February 2015 FAQ covers tax-filing issues, counting household income and employer coverage.

CMS Assister Recertification Bulletin

This August 2014 bulletin from CMS gives guidance on training, certification, and recertification requirements applicable to federally-facilitated and state partnership Marketplace consumer assistance programs: navigator, non-navigator assistance personnel, and certified application counselors.

Making Assister Programs More Effective

This July 2014 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation health insurance Marketplace assister programs was completed by programs themselves using open-ended questions. The report outlines how programs were successful during the last open enrollment period and lists the ways that programs believed that their services can improve for the next round. (more…)

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