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Topic: Employers

Health insurance through one’s job has traditionally been the main way for working-age people to obtain coverage for themselves and their families. The ACA now requires large employers to offer their employees affordable minimum essential coverage, and provides a penalty for those who fail to do so.

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Deep Dive Into Employer Rules and Penalties

This March 2013 webinar by GCG Financial covers the rules and penalties for larger employers under the Affordable Care Act.

“Pay or Play” Penalty – Identifying Full-Time Employees

This February 2013 legislative brief from GCG Financial explains how proposed ACA regulations provide guidance on an optional method for identifying full-time employees for purposes of determining and calculating an employer’s potential liability for a shared responsibility payment. It also notes important transition relief is available under the proposed regulations.

GCG Health Care Reform Update

This February 2013 presentation by GCG Financial covers market developments, wellness incentives, and the employer mandate. It is part of the GCG Financial Healthcare Reform Webinar Series

ACA Shared Responsibility Obligations for Employers

Do you have at least 50 employees? Numbers can be deceiving. This February 2013 presentation from financial consultants CBIZ explains the key provisions of the ACA affecting employers.

What’s in Reform for Women-Owned Small Businesses?

An October 2011 resource from the Small Business Majority that gives a breakdown of the ACA provisions that make it easier for women-owned small businesses to provide health insurance.

IRS FAQ: Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions

These questions and answers from the Internal Revenue Service on the ACA’s “shared responsibility” provisions, also known as the employer mandate, reflect final regulations issued in February 2014. They explain in detail what the provisions are, when they go into effect, which employers are subject to them, and how the payment amount (penalty) will be calculated.

Health and Entrepreneurship: Leveraging the ACA to Build your Business

This presentation by Health & Disability Advocates at Chicago Ideas Week 2012 describes the economic value of the ACA’s tapping of pent-up demand for coverage, and the opportunities it creates for entrepreneurs who adopt a post-2014 business model.

Contraceptive Coverage in the Health Care Law

This fact sheet from the National Women’s Law Center answers questions regarding the new provisions in the health care law requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives with no co-pay. The provision goes into effect August 1, 2012.

Contraceptive Coverage and Religiously-Affiliated Employers

This March 2012 fact sheet from the National Women’s Law Center describes the narrow class of religious employers that are exempt from the contraceptive coverage requirement and answers questions about the specifics of this accommodation.

SHOPping Around: A Roadmap to Setting up Health Care Exchanges for Small Business

This 60-page report was intended to provide guidance for states, policymakers, health reform advocates, and small-business leaders as they began to implement state SHOP exchanges for small business. The fundamental mission of SHOPs is to create a well-functioning health insurance marketplace providing an array of affordable, high-quality health insurance plans for small businesses and their employees. This report, prepared in 2011 by the Center for American Progress and the Small Business Majority, presents an overview of the problems small businesses face in affording health care and addresses the details of the SHOP exchange and how it will help.

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