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Topic: Employers

Health insurance through one’s job has traditionally been the main way for working-age people to obtain coverage for themselves and their families. The ACA now requires large employers to offer their employees affordable minimum essential coverage, and provides a penalty for those who fail to do so.

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Employer-Sponsored Coverage

This FAQ from CMS addresses frequently asked questions about employer-sponsored coverage, such as how to verify employee eligibility for employer-sponsored coverage and how that eligibility effects access to other plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. It also addresses how employers can help their employees find coverage if they are ineligible for employer-sponsored coverage.

Premium Incentives for Wellness in the Workplace

In this February 2012 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Georgetown University researchers discuss how employers are increasingly turning to workplace wellness initiatives to curb rising health care costs and the growing prevalence of chronic conditions. (more…)

The ACA and Worksite Wellness

This June 2011 fact sheet, provided by the Public Health Law Center at the William Mitchell College of Law, answers some common questions regardin the ACA’s impact on worksite wellness programs, including the effect on existing laws, new funding, and provisions for evaluation of wellness programs.

Workplace Wellness and ACA Requirements

This HHS report from the discusses the effectiveness of wellness programs and rewards, the impact of such wellness programs on the access to care and affordability of coverage for participants and nonparticipants of such programs, the impact of financial incentives on participant behavior.

Promoting Prevention: Workplace Wellness

This paper from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention looks at how to promote wellness in the workplace by creating cultures of healthy lifestyles.

ACA Wellness Program Incentives at Work

The ACA offers incentives to employers in order to create healthier work spaces. This fact sheet from the Department of Labor gives information on what both employers and consumers can do to promote wellness at work.

Individual Mandate Relief for Employer Plan-Year Gaps

This brief from the ADP Research institutes explains that transitional relief is available to employees and their spouses and dependents, who are eligible to enroll in employer-sponsored group health plans with a plan year that runs on a non-calendar year basis that begins in 2013 and ends in 2014. (more…)

What the ACA Means for Your Small Business

This is the first in a series of webinars for small business conducted by the Illinois Health Matters Small Business Initiative. Watch and take a closer look at how the Affordable Care Act can help you and your employees get covered. Although open enrollment ends on March 31, there is still time to learn and assist employees in exploring their healthcare coverage options. (more…)

Pediatricians on Breast Pump Coverage

This letter from the Illinois Academy of Pediatrics to an to an insurer encourages them to play a role in promoting this prevent service. (more…)

Worksheet to Determine Your FTE Employees

This worksheet, produced by a benefits and payroll vendor for small businesses, helps employers calculate the number of full-time equivalent employees they have, which will determine some ways the ACA will apply to them. A three-step process, explained in plain language, shows how to add together full-time, part-time and seasonal employees to determine how many FTEs work for a company.

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