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Topic: Employee Health Benefits

Although 70% of working-age people work for an employer that offers health insurance, the actual benefits offered to employees vary. The ACA now requires large employers to offer employees affordable, minimum essential coverage. Meanwhile, the type of coverage employers offer has evolved, with some now providing wellness programs and health incentives.

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State Employee Benefit Choice Options

This handbook describes the health benefits available to all Illinois state employees. This is important because HHS guidance on ACA essential health benefits says that each state will determine its own EHB package, potentially based on its largest state employee plan. (more…)

The Key Role of Workforce Policy

This October 2011 issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation highlights the role of workforce policy in assuring access to care under health reform and improving primary care for patients. The authors clearly lay out four alternative, but not mutually exclusive, approaches to improving access to primary care, present likely advantages and disadvantages of each, and list policy approaches needed for each approach to succeed.

Employee Health Benefits: Access and Coverage Trends

This 2010 issue brief from the Employee Benefit Research Institute looks at trends in employment-based health benefits during 1997-2010. This are the most common form of health insurance in the United States, but during this period the proportion of workers with health coverage has been declining.

The Impact of the Recession on Workers’ Health Coverage

This April 2011 issue brief from the Employee Benefit Research Institute summarizes the toll the 2007–09 recession took on the percentage of the population with employment-based health coverage. Although percentage of individuals under age 65 with employment-based health coverage has been slowly eroding, 2009 was the first year in which it fell below 60%, marking the largest one-year decline in coverage.

Small Business Tax Credits: The ACA Offers Incentives

A policy brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes incentives under the Affordable Care Act for small business owners to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. The brief was published in Health Affairs in January 2011.

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