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Topic: Dept of Insurance

The DOI is the Illinois agency charged with regulating the insurance industry’s market behavior and financial solvency. As such, it implements ACA safeguards through insurer oversight, coordinates Illinois-specific training for ACA assisters and navigators, and licenses insurance agents and brokers.

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DOI Application for Federal Funds To Enhance Rate Review

In September 2010, the Illinois Department of Insurance applied for and was awarded a $1 million federal grant to enhance its rate review capacity. As outlined in this grant application, the Department will use this funding for: necessary upgrades to technical infrastructure; additional staff to assist with new filings and reviews; and enhanced information for consumers and policymakers.

Premium Increases and Rate Review Authority in Illinois

This presentation by the Illinois Department of Insurance in February 2011 described the state of health insurance premium review in Illinois in light of the ACA. Before enactment of the ACA, most plans were not required to even inform the Department of rate changes or rate amounts for group policies. In September 2010, the Department received a $1 million federal grant to enhance its rate review capacity,

DOI Health Insurance Reform Webinars

These presentations by the Illinois Department of Insurance on health reform related issues, such as the health benefits exchange and premium increases, remain available on the DOI website in various formats.

Medical Loss Ratio in Illinois – SB 1618

This March 2010 from the Illinois Department of Insurance describes SB 1618, which was designed to bring Illinois law into conformity with one of the core consumer protections established by the Affordable Care Act.

Exchange Governance and Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability

This January 2011 presentation by the Illinois Department of Insurance described initial guidance from HHS on state exchanges and discussed issues including where the exchange should be located, whether it should be run by a governing board, and if so of what composition?

Health Insurance Reform – Comparison to Current Illinois Law

This 2010 fact sheet from the state Department of Insurance provides a side-by-side comparison of protections under existing Illinois law and those offered by the Affordable Care Act on issues such as pre-existing conditions, out-of-pocket limits and unwarranted rescissions.

Health Insurance Reform Information Center

The HIRIC, operated by the state Department of Insurance, is a forum for information on the national health insurance reform and its effects on Illinois. The department posts fact sheets, legislation, and other useful material as they becomes available.

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