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Topic: Disabilities

Because of the ACA, private insurance is an option for some people with disabilities. At the same time, the ACA, along with reforms at the state level, has sometimes narrowed the healthcare choices for this population. To receive necessary specialty care and live a healthy lifestyle, people with disabilities must have access to healthcare that meets their unique needs.

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ACEs, Bs and CCEs

This December 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Human Services details general enrollment and access to care procedures for consumers and providers in Medicaid managed care.

Do New Health Delivery Models Really Deliver?

This December 2015 report from Community Catalyst provides policy and operational recommendations that promote person-centered and coordinated care in dual-demonstration programs.

Targeting the Social Determinants of Health

This December 2015 brief from the Center for Health Care Strategies explores approaches to using Medicaid funding for non-medical services. The approaches are  utilized as part of state-based coordinated care initiatives.

Care for the High-Need High-Cost 

This November 2015 multimedia article from the Commonwealth Fund describes innovative health care delivery and payment models being used for patients with chronic conditions.

Keep Calm and Transition On

This November 2015 toolkit from the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office will help people with mental health conditions transition from one care provider to another. Strategies are offered for overcoming barriers to care and for strengthening relationships between the person’s care team members.

Affordable, Quality Care for All?

This November 2015 brief from the National Health Council shares patient experiences of Marketplace enrollees with chronic conditions. A major finding: Marketplace consumers, especially those with complex medical needs, require more tools to make informed enrollment decisions.

Mobile and in MMAI

This June 2015 FAQ from EverThrive reviews enrollment policies concerning Medicaid managed care beneficiaries who move to a different county.

Help! I Lost My Medicaid

This October 2015 FAQ from The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Shriver Center, EverThrive Illinois and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago answers common questions about Medicaid redeterminations in Illinois.

What Insurance Can My Client Get?

This October 2015 grid from Health & Disability Advocates gives the dollar amount income thresholds for health care programs in Illinois.

Effective Health Care Outreach

This September 2015 brief from the Center for Health Care Strategies presents approaches for engaging with Medicaid and Medicare eligible health care consumers. This group is more likely to have chronic health conditions and is harder to engage.

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