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Topic: Dept of Healthcare Family Services

The Illinois HFS is the state agency responsible for providing healthcare coverage for adults and children who qualify for Medicaid, and for providing child support services to help ensure that Illinois children receive financial support from both parents.

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Responding to Medicaid Redeterminations

Illinois residents who receive Medicaid or All-Kids must complete a redetermination to continue their coverage. This June 2014 FAQ from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services outlines the redetermination process. The FAQ lists the hotline number to call with questions or problems.

What Providers Need to Know about Care Coordination Entities

Care coordination entities work to form alternative models of delivering care to Medicaid clients through provider-organized networks, initially organized around the needs of Illinois’ most complex clients – seniors, and persons with disabilities, and children with complex medical needs. This 22-minute video of a webinar from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services was posted by Illinois Health Connect in December 2013.

Medicaid FAQ: Eligibility and Accessing Medical Services

These frequently asked questions from the Illinois Department of Human Services detail how to sign up for Medicaid and All Kids, how to access medical providers like a primary care physician or dentist under Medicaid, what to do if you have lost or did not receive a medical card, and what services are provided under Medicaid. The FAQ provides contact info to address issues and access needed care.

Applying for Medicaid in Illinois – FAQ

This set of answers from HFS to frequently asked questions is especially helpful for anyone who works directly with Medicaid consumers/applicants. Included are details such as how to change information on an application or submit verification documents, find a Medicaid provider, and how applicants should not fill out a new application in ABE for a newborn.

Provider Network Options for Medicaid Care Coordination

This provider notice from HFS explains different care coordination models for family, children, and ACA adult Medicaid populations. It also provides contact information for providers to each of these health plans so they can contract to join provider networks.

Medicaid Managed Care Expansion Mail Schedule

This June 2014 chart from HFS details when letters will be sent to Medicaid members explaining mandated coordinated care options and how to enroll.

Medicaid Care Coordination Roll-out by Health Plan

This March 2014 diagram from HFS details the MCOs and provider groups that will be coordinating care for Illinois Medicaid, the eligibility category they will serve, when each program will start, and what geographic regions they will serve.

Care Coordination Roll-out Map

By January 1, 2015, 50% of Medicaid members must be enrolled in managed care. This HFS map details the expansion of Medicaid Care Coordination projects across the state, including the Integrated Care Program, Care Coordination Entities, the Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative, and Voluntary Managed Care Organizations.

The Application for Benefits Eligibility

This introduction to ABE – Illinois’ new web-based portal for Medicaid, SNAP and cash assistance – was created prior to its launch in October 2013. ABE can be used by anyone in Illinois seeking Medicaid coverage, including new groups covered as a result of national health care reform under the Affordable Care Act. (more…)

CMS Approval Letter for Cook County Early Medicaid Expansion

October 2012 letter from CMS Director Marilyn Tavenner to the Illinois Health & Family Services approving the 1115 demonstration waiver to expand Medicaid in Cook County prior to 2014.

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