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Topic: Data

Digitally presenting data helps us understand who the uninsured are and where they live, or find the locations of facilities and services. Such visualizations allow governments and communities to discover how well needs are being met, and they can serve to inform future programs, outreach, and policy.

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State by State Enrollment in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

This interactive table shows when each state began providing benefits to people accepted into the program and the number of people enrolled. Historical data in the table shows that Illinois had enrolled 943 people in the temporary program by November 2011 and had over 3,500 enrolled at its peak in May 2013. (more…)

Uninsured Older Adults in Illinois by Legislative District

This report, by Rob Paral & Assoociates, found that in Illinois there are 287,084 uninsured older adults age 50-64 – 13.3% of this population. In some senate districts, this climbs to over 25%. Often adults in this age group, who are not yet eligible for Medicare, have very limited access to public or private health insurance – especially if they are low income.

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