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Topic: Data

Digitally presenting data helps us understand who the uninsured are and where they live, or find the locations of facilities and services. Such visualizations allow governments and communities to discover how well needs are being met, and they can serve to inform future programs, outreach, and policy.

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Effect of the ACA: fewer Uninsured Adults

In March 2014 the national uninsurance rate for nonelderly adults was 15.2%, a drop of 2.7 percentage points since September 2013, the month before ACA open enrollment began. This represents a gain in coverage for about 5.4 million adults. The data is from the Urban Institute’s Health Reform Monitoring Survey.

Who are the Newly Insured in 2014?

This article from the Gallup Poll breaks down the stats on Americans who are newly insured in 2014 by providing a breakdown that includes age, income, and political orientation.

What Americans Pay for Health Insurance under the ACA

These March 2014 maps from JAMA and the Kaiser Family Foundation show different scenarios for a 40-year-old individual at three income levels buying a Marketplace plan in each state. The premium, and the portion paid by the government, is shown for five selected locations.

Map: Chicago Uninsured Population and Enrollment Assisters

This map combines data collected and generated by Enroll America with HHS assister data to show high-density uninsured communities and nearby local assistance resources.

How Will Illinois’ Uninsured Fare Under the ACA?

This analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation provides a breakdown of how many uninsured people are eligible for Medicaid or for financial assistance to help them buy private insurance in the new Marketplace, and how many may gain new coverage but will not receive any financial assistance. It also estimates how many uninsured residents are undocumented immigrants and therefore are ineligible for any coverage under the ACA. (more…)

Map of Free Clinics in Illinois

This interactive map shows the location of the federally qualified health centers, free clinics and county/local health departments in the state. Enter your zip code to find the clinics nearest you. Data is from the UIC School of Public Health and Illinois Dept. of Public Health.

List of Qualified Health Plans on the Illinois Marketplace

This data set from lists the Qualified Health Plans for individuals and families on the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace by county, with sample premiums. (For qualified SHOP plans, see this page.)

A Profile of Chicago’s Uninsured – 2013

“ENROLL CHICAGO! A profile of the city’s uninsured residents” was produced in July 2013 by the Chicago Department of Public Health and Health & Disability Advocates. It provided the the most recent data on who and where Chicago’s uninsured residents are to help community organizations target outreach, education and enrollment activities. (more…)

Residents Eligible for Marketplace Subsidies by Illinois House District

Tabulation of the number of residents who will be eligible for subsidies in the Health Insurance Marketplace, and the subsidy eligible as a proportion of the total uninsured population in the district.

Residents Newly Eligible for Medicaid by Illinois Senate District

//PRIVATE// Tabulation by state senated district of the number of residents who will be eligible for Medicaid, and the newly eligible as a proportion of the total uninsured population in the district. Estimates were derived from the 2010-11 American Community Survey and 98th General Assembly.

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